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"1000's of Judges Remain On Bench After Breaking Laws, Oaths." 

"31 Judges Recuse Themselves From Lawsuit About Money Making Scheme Involving Judges, Attorneys, Guardian Ad Litems and Psychologists."

Unthinkable 5 minute YouTube video proving deranged "court" personnel have no regard for the USA's children and that they view the USA's children as something to traffic and get rich from by disassembling the family, deceptively killing off parents one-by-one and threatening parents with arrests and worse if the parent tries to find the terrorized children. 

         If you're new to this the following will bring you up to speed and make the links after it more relevant.


     Through local courthouses across the USA, a deceptive organization known as "" has deranged members who are "judges," "commissioners," "attorneys," "Guardian Ad Litems" and "psychologists." "Imposters" is a good word for them and for those who collude with them. This includes bribed or blackmailed police officers, District Attorneys, private law firms deceptively contracted to be public defenders, public prosecutors, etc... There are also many in these roles who imitate this revolving dark strata of unthinkable terrors in their own ways. "Imposters" is a good word because they are all very much the opposite of what their title says.
     Although the "AFCC" claims not to "recruit," to "vet," to "monitor," or to "penalize" it's paying members, the AFCC members demand that the "services" of AFCC members be used even when the "services" are far inferior to other providers and no matter how counterintuitive they become. Together, imposters work to "churn the file" for years, to "doctor the docket," to "profiteer off creating pain," to "say the parent is crazy and then make them crazy" and worse. 
     To steal the children, to terminate the parents one-by-one and to steal riches in the process, the imposters deceptively aim to permanently separate and destroy parents facing the most minimal of challenges. Once separated, they then determine which parent is the easiest to manipulate into weaponizing the illusions of "the legal system" against the other parent. Depending on what parent may be narcissistic, abusive, hiding things from before the relationship or worse, it doesn't take long. This immediately turns into the imposters using that parent as a pawn to use the children as "bait" and doing illegal and terrorizing things to the other parent. Theres darker reasons for this.
     The imposter's terror is to deploy ongoing cycles of dark psychological tactics as part of their ongoing local courtroom schemes to deceive, overwhelm and psychologically break the other parent to induce them to commit suicide. This dark cycle includes "target," "bait," "alienate," "antagonize," "blame," "frame" and "annihilate." The "family court" imposters and the broken parent's they deceive into being their pawns also engage in the nightmares of "Parental Alienation" to temporarily hide their dark deeds. The imposters also use dark "criminal law" litigation schemes known as "Reptilian Law Tactics" or  "Reptilian Law Theory. In "family court" it is also known as "The Silver Bullet" or "Rambo Law." While it may have been sold, taught and hidden before "the internet," after the internet it is sold, taught and available everywhere (even for free.)
     You've heard of the capital crime of "Conspiracy To Commit Suicide." In the near future, "Conspiracy To Induce Suicide" will also be a capital crime that thousands upon thousands of imposters and others will be found guilty of because of all this and more. The patterns of suicide and worse don't lie.
     The longer the "good" parent survives and speaks out, the worse and worse unthinkable things the imposters will do to cover their dark tracks by silencing the "good" parent. This includes the revolving dark strata of imposters engaging in different acts for weeks, months or years as needed to "frame" the "good" parent for jail in unthinkable ways. It's not uncommon to hear of a parent being jailed 1, 2, 3 times or more without a valid warrant or a valid affidavit of probable cause and then being held "without bail" for weeks or months. Once in jail it's only a matter of time before the imposters murder the "good" parent and make it look like a "suicide." This is part of why the suicide rate in jail is published to be 8 times higher. 
     While the imposters have been engaging in some of these different tactics towards all adults since 1983 when "private prisons" were first allowed, it's likely that corrupt parts of state governments like Utah first figured out how to "rip off" the federal government through cooking the books of adoption schemes after 1997 when the noble parts of the Fed's created "Federal Title 4-E Adoption Subsidies." After that it seems the imposters experimented with and discovered the rest of these terrors for themselves and were perpetuating them through the AFCC by the early 2000's. The numbers have increased every year and now it is an unthinkable nightmare of the imposters plummeting to deeper and deeper depths of "STATE SPONSORED CHILD TRAFFICKING" to "force, forge and fake" as many "adoptions" as possible to steal as much of the $5.8 billion available as Title 4 -E subsidies for themselves under the illusions of the corrupt parts of "the state." 
     Where a "Private Guardian Ad Litem" office exists in a state like in Utah, that is an indication that the state has figured out how to "double dip" in the terror and to keep it all "private" and immune to "public record requests." It does this by claiming the "Private Guardian Ad Litem Office" is "private" unlike the public "Guardian Ad Litem" office and that because of that it is not obligated to fulfill "public record requests" that "involve children." There are also indications that in some states, when anyone files court papers raising questions about parts of this it is referred to the deceptive "Guardian Ad Litem" office or that "Private Guardian Ad Litem" office "for screening" where it is intentionally lost and the person seeking the information is targeted for elimination.   
     As part of the terror, it seems that sometime after 1997 the imposters began forging "adoption papers" without one or both parents knowing. This is why when a different type of "forgery" involving a child is uncovered by a targeted but surviving parent to be part of one of the imposter's other schemes along the way, the revolving dark strata of imposters claim "it wasn't a forgery" without telling the parent "why." They then do those worse and worse unthinkable things to induce the suicide of the parent or frame the parent for jail and worse. 
     Still unthinkably worse, if the imposters wanted to create multiple fake identities of children from the same stolen and trafficked child and even use identities of children who are dead, lost or otherwise unaccounted for in the system or out of the system they could. This way they could exponentially increase what they could steal from the noble parts of the feds to hundreds of millions of dollars every year by stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars with the paperwork of every "forced, forged or fake" child's identity. 
     After being sent from the Feds to the states, it's easy to make the dark river of cash disappear among the revolving dark strata of the imposters. International airports or RV's, vacation homes or highways, stipends or stadiums, you name it, if it's "State Funded" or used by an "imposter" theres the unthinkable possibility it was paid for all or in part by the blood of stolen and sacrificed American children and parents. Remember, "numbers don't lie but they can be manipulated to say whatever you want them to" and the numbers and patterns are everywhere.
     This is part of why the imposters are so determined to cause the eventual death or jailing of one or both parents if they can. A parent who survives is a risk of discovering what happened and connecting-the-dots of the unanswered questions, the double speak, the dark speak, the unthinkable framing and the "math" that isn't "mathing." All somehow also done without proper state or federal audits, or any audits. (Bribed or blackmailed "auditors" might be a reason for this too.)
     When it comes to the terrorized child victims of these unthinkable nightmares happening through non-federal, local courthouses from coast-to-coast, the numbers indicate that these stolen, dehumanized and "barcoded" former "American children" are twice as likely to die or disappear. This happens through the children "running away," being claimed to have "ran away" or other unthinkable terrors as the child is moved between one foster home after another so the imposters can multiply the child's paperwork into the adoption schemes year after year. This is also a reason why siblings are often split up. Splitting them up reduces the chances that the truth about their "adoption" or the many fake identities created from them will be questioned and identified. Once in the adoption schemes and with no "mom" or "dad" or legitimate "adoptive" parent's to look after them or to know about their whereabouts, other unthinkable terrors are likely to find them. This includes the children at any age being sold or traded locally or internationally for marriage for a U.S. passport, as sex slaves, for being let go in the wild and hunted as an unthinkable "sport," for parts of them to be cannibalized after them being terrorized as part of ritualistic cannibalism and other "surreal" to consider but very real, unthinkable terrors.
     It's understandable that not all of the terrors are known to all of the different revolving dark strata of imposters. This is part of the reasons why so many imposters simply "go along" with whatever schemes they can get away with, especially when it comes to the endlessly counter intuitive behaviors of male and female "Guardian Ad Litems," "Private Guardian Ad Litems," certain "police chiefs," certain "police officers," certain "detectives," certain "District Attorneys" and others who's duties are culturally believed to be specifically about protecting "America's children." Anyone with a selectively mis-educated education, a  "student loan," "bills-to-pay" or someone to impress is vulnerable to bribery, blackmail or false promises to get them to commit smaller unthinkable things that are part of the invisible, much larger unthinkable schemes. Remember, it only takes one corrupt male or female police chief to make 100 well-intending officers look bad. This is why a measured form of "tiered amnesty" rather than outright "life in prison" may help those in these roles who have been deceived to come forward in new ways. For them and the parent victims and the child victims of "STATE SPONSORED CHILD TRAFFICKING" and other terrors the sooner the better regardless.  
     To run the scheme on each real or fake child's paperwork as long as possible, virtue signaling imposters at the "state" level deceptively facilitate changes in "state laws" to enable "STATE SPONSORED CHILD TRAFFICKING." This includes making it easier for "foster programs" to terminate the rights of parents like Utah's 104 member state legislature was deceived into doing in March of 2024. It also includes counterintuitive reasons for having surviving children age out of the adoption schemes at age 21 (or later) rather than the "age of adulthood" of 18. This is another reason why the older a child gets the more likely they are to be "unaccounted for" (sold) and forgotten as a "runaway" or worse. However, if a child "ages out" and the targeted parent is miraculously still somehow alive (even if they are homeless) or hasn't been framed and permanently jailed (and miraculously wasn't framed and murdered during those different illegal stays in jail) it's common for the imposters to demand a "conservatorship" for the adult child preventing the adult child from finding and communicating with the targeted parent even though the adult child is legally an "adult" by being over the age of 18.
     The imposters do this as yet another unthinkable way to continue inducing suicide in the targeted parent or to buy more time to frame the targeted parent for jailing and murder. Remember, the revolving dark strata of imposters know they are guilty of unthinkable things and because of that they believe the parents suicide, jailing or murder is the only way to keep their secrets hidden regardless of what the targeted parent knows or doesn't know. To control the adult child, the imposters rely on the "Parental Alienation" and other "Fear Mongering" tactics they used against the child to psychologically prevent the child from finding reasons to look for the targeted parent and discover the truth. The imposters have convinced themselves that even with the internet, if they can kill off or jail the targeted parent, and keep the conservatorship over the adult child, the adult child will never, ever be able to discover the patterns or the truth about what really happened to them and to the targeted parent and the schemes will remain hidden. After "aging out" of conservatorship it's unclear how many "adult children" survivors of the imposters are then induced to commit suicide or jailed and murdered by the imposters as another way to keep the secrets hidden although indications are high of the numbers of "adult children" survivors who eventually commit suicide, are homeless, are in and out of jail, are in jail or are murdered in jail and it disguised to look as part of that "high rate" of suicide. 
     To further their unthinkable acts, the revolving dark strata of imposters have also secretly and deceptively made it so that they can recruit naive, ignorant or evil "role fillers" for their schemes. This includes that a recruit can skip "law school" and become an "attorney," a "Guardian Ad Litem" a "Private Guardian Ad Litem" or even eventually a "judge" in any state simply by accepting an "offer" to have a deceptively established imposter "vouch" for them so they can take the bar exam without going to law school in one of four states. This happens in different ways through loosely regulated testing systems in the states of Washington, California, Vermont and Virginia. To pass the "bar exam" a recruit only needs a "D-" or better. There are also some ways, one can even take the bar exam "open laptop" and "on their honor" with or without "law school." The imposters also use recruits from "psychology" schools to be "interns" who pose as "licensed therapists with a masters degree." They do this to target critical cases involving children, for insurance billing fraud as part of their schemes and other dark reasons. 
     Whatever these hundreds of thousands of deranged monsters are doing and why they are really doing it is at the root of all that is responsible for all the terrors in the USA and is what has intentionally, secretly destroyed the USA.
     In addition to the many crimes committed by the imposters including "extortion," and "R.I.C.O." because imposter judges, police officers and others have signed and "oath" to The Constitution of The United States of America yet they are violating that oath, they are also committing "Treason" against The United States of America. 
     Because they use the "American Flag" outside and inside non-federal, local courthouses to bait American parents and other U.S. Citizens into these unthinkable schemes and other schemes, names for more "group crimes" committed against the USA must be acknowledged. Names that have lost their meaning by being minimized, marginalized or sensationalized in the media in recent years.  Other names indicate that "The National Guard" should be immediately called upon in each state to protect Americans from the hundreds of thousands of imposters committing "paper terrorism" upon Americans through local courthouses from coast-to-coast. If I were President today, this would be happening. I'd also put a minimum seven day freeze on the stock market to button up a few other concerns. Part of this is because it seems in other parts of the world identical tactics are being used by imposters who claim to be one thing to hijack all parts of something to hijack something else to use it as a shield to target, to bait and to annihilate everyone else (especially those who don't look like them or who might question the targeting, the baiting and the annihilating.)
     Some of the imposter's other schemes in the USA that are part of these "other concerns" include imposters disguising collection schemes as legitimate sales or educational companies both nationally and locally, stealing homes from the elderly in tourist heavy states through artificially inflated HOA claims and other artificial claims, adding fortunes to a "clients" bill if the client "commits suicide." It's important to remember that the strata of the imposter's schemes are always multi-tiered. "Double Dipping" or "Triple Dipping" in darkness by targeting Americans out of fortunes along the way as part of the real purpose of targeting them or their children to the death for more fortunes after. 
     If you're wondering why you've never heard of this before it's because most Parent Victims and most Child victims are dead or have no idea what really happened to them. Because of that there hasn't been a lot of subject matter to study (until now.) Imposter judges also issue illegal but fear mongering "gag orders" enforced by selectively misinformed police officers to prevent "moms" and "dads" from talking about this publicly (most "moms" and "dads" and "police officers" don't know the "gag order" is constitutionally illegal, "treasonous" and worse just like everything an imposter does as part of the "STATE SPONSORED CHILD TRAFFICKING" and other schemes.) Others have fallen for the provocations of deceptively convenient traps of mis-self-medicating themselves to oblivion with alcohol or drugs. Many others who have survived have been swallowed up in the imposters self-serving rabbit holes of "Gold Fringe American Flags Conspiracies" and other counter intuitive, inconsistent theories. There are also imposters who for one reason or another bait survivors into other set ups and framings (even on Tiktok), then make false police reports to police in the person's local area to have the person arrested. Like other "framings," involving police, many of those arrests are actually "Provoked Assassination Attempts" disguised as "arrests." It seems in some instances imposters have even created their own versions of imposter "FBI" to make targets think the "real" FBI is "swatting" them. (Imposter parts of the FBI have mandated "The FBI" too be too busy on land, in the air or at sea chasing airplane sized drones disguised to look like hairpin turning "UFO's" instead of investigating and ending "STATE SPONSORED CHILD TRAFFICKING" happening right in their own frontyard.) Other terrors that happen among the revolving dark strata of imposters include three types of forgeries happening in local courthouses. This includes 1) Imposter "Attorneys" (or deranged parents) forging naive judge's signatures without the judge or the targeted parent knowing. 2) Bribed or blackmailed clerks forging judges signatures without the judge or targeted parent knowing (it's common knowledge that "clerks" have access to the judges's "stamp" and that many times a day they sign the judges name on "court papers" without the judge actually seeing the papers. 3) Bribing, blackmailing, bribed or blackmailed judges allowing attorneys or clerks to forge their signatures in exchange for kickbacks. The terrors of the strata of these dark forgeries are happening on invalid arrest warrants, custody orders, divorce decrees, adoption papers and beyond. When it is an imposter "judge" intentionally doing it or intercepting court papers intended for other judges to intentionally do it, the terrors are beyond unthinkable. It's an unthinkable pill to swallow that while over the past 25 years we've identified forgeries and how to prevent them in every other industry, we never considered how easy it is for "forgery" involving the most critical of life documents to happen in local courthouses from coast-to-coast. (Part of this is because the imposters have gone to great lengths to make us forget to look there.) 
     When it comes to some of those "intentional" forgeries by thousands of deranged, imposter judges, the manipulations and attempts to manipulate police officers and "SWAT" are very real. It's not uncommon to hear stories of imposter judges and attorneys on the verge of getting exposed suddenly circulating unfounded emails and rumors with "trigger" words that include a targeted "mom" or "dad" out in public or in private with a "gun" and them being "dangerous," "having a mental health crisis" or being "suicidal and in need of exigent response" signed off on by a "judge."  Even though the truth is very much the opposite of that, all one bribed, blackmailed or illegal-steroid-bulging police officer or SWAT team member needs is the targeted parent to do something that momentarily seems like an excuse to pull a real trigger at a target without any trigger as part of that constitutionally illegal "exigent response" and the imposter's secrets stay hidden a while longer. 
     Like the imposters have learned to do to those among them, they have also learned that it's easy to silence local media with more psychological tactics of buying "false nobility" by paying for a weekly barbecue, an annual golf tournament or other ways of superficially silencing them with a minute trickle of that invisible black river of dark death cash. This is part of why different reports about the revolving dark strata of imposters or their mechanisms are quickly buried no matter how many parent victims and children victims disappear.
     Because imposter judges wear "black robes" some have suggested that this is a a biblical "black plague" but because it involves every law firm, every law school and every city hall in the USA as part of the $400 billion dollar "legal services industry" and hundreds of billions of dollars in "law student" loans, artificial city budgets and artificial bonds created by more artificial "legal cases" to hide significant parts of it within each state (more of those "other concerns"), a biblical "Black Bubble" as I use in the title is the terrifying but more appropriate term for it. 
     As part of ending these unthinkable terrors that include "STATE SPONSORED CHILD TRAFFICKING," starting with "UTAH," certain types of audits by the Fed's into each state's "Guardian Ad Litem" and "Private Guardian Ad Litem" offices will reveal unthinkable patterns engaged in and prove in more ways that if I've erred in any of this, it's only that I've erred shining a light on the true severity and depth of this unthinkable darkness. Proof of forgeries, cover ups, counter intuitive inconsistencies and powerful patterns have already been shared here, on TikTok and other ways and more will be by others. It is time to #GetLouder and be a part of #TheFirstWave of survivors bringing an end to this otherwise the imposters are going to feed on the next generation. 
     Searching #familycourt #metoofamilycourt #gagorder #corruptcourt #corruptpoliticians and other related hashtags on TikTok etc...will bring up more examples. Encouraging high school students to stage daily walkouts until solutions are announced with me on TV is another way to end this. (#TheGreatAmericanWalkout #TGAR.) There is also momentum building for demonstrations on 4.24.24. If you don't know how to get involved call me! (801) 278-7000. You have my permission to use all or part of this page in anyway
     Remember when Britney Spears shaved her head, this was part of the AFCC's "say they're crazy then make them crazy" scheme. This article provides terrorizing insight into part of what she suffered and somehow survived, "celebrity" or not.

     Title IV - E (Title 4 - E) Links, remember their are "noble" parts of "The Federal Government" and other parts that have been hijacked by imposters that the "noble" parts aren't fully aware of. 

     Title IV - E Link From US Department of Health and Human Services.

     Link to a deceptive "" page about Title IV-E. 
     One of the original formulas for "Title IV - E" remember this formula is 18 years old and that $80,000 figure is much larger than that now and is just a portion of what can be stolen from the feds. 

     From 1997. The well intending but deceptively named "Adoption and Safe Families Act." 

     The imposters have deceived The Federal Government into spending 10 times as much for "Adoption Subsidies" the imposters steal through "STATE SPONSORED CHILD TRAFFICKING" instead of "solutions" for saving children the imposters.

     Utah sued by Feds for misusing "grant" money (2020). Another sign that the  "noble" parts of "The Federal Government" are becoming aware of the imposters but can use all the help and support they can get. Many names named in unthinkable roles.  

     More dark reports from Utah. Remember terms like "judge," "county attorney" etc...are superficial when it comes to "imposters." Searching relevant terms and other areas will bring up more reports. 
     1- From January 2024 
     2- From September 2022.
     3- From June 2022 
     4- From September 1991 
     5- Previous Utah Governor caught demanding money as Governor from lobbyists (not "donors") in exchange for meeting time. Isn't this extortion and why wasn't it prosecuted? 

Hypocritical, superficial, "virtue signaling" reports about Utah and other states instigated to keep people from discovering the truth about "STATE SPONSORED CHILD TRAFFICKING." 

     1- From MARCH 2024 
     2-Disturbing in new ways. Utah Governor (an "attorney") wants to control who the "Attorney General" is after being suggested by a Utah Senator (also an "attorney." Cox reportedly went to law school at "Washington and Lee" which reportedly allows open book, non-proctored, exams including the bar exam. in addition to many members of the 104 member Utah legislature, multiple reports have been delivered to Cox and Reyes office about "STATE SPONSORED CHILD TRAFFICKING" in Utah but have gone ignored. 


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