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Three links to different maps of Palmyra showing the shack the Smith's lived in being about a mile a way (1-2 miles) from the Harris' as well as the Erie Canal being built to pass next to the Harris's lands (if not right through them.) 






“Martin Harris's 1828 Visit to Luther Bradish, Charles Anthon, and Samuel Mitchill,” in The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon: A Marvelous Work and a Wonder, BYU Religious Studies Center. By Richard E. Bennett. Edited by Dennis L. Largey, Andrew H. Hedges, John Hilton III, and Kerry Hull (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center; Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2015), 103–15. Richard E. Bennett was a professor of Church history and doctrine at Brigham Young University when this was written.



"Read This I Pray Thee; Martin Harris and The Three Wise Men of The East." Journal of Mormon History, Richard E. Bennett.



"A Very Particular Friend—Luther Bradish," in Approaching Antiquity: Joseph Smith and the Ancient World, by Richard E. Bennett. Edited by Lincoln H. Blumell, Matthew J. Grey, and Andrew H. Hedges (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center; Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2015), 63–82.



"For the Sum of Three Thousand Dollars" - Volume 14,: No 2, Arcticle 3 of the "Journal of Book of Mormon Studies." A publication of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship at BYU, By Susan Easton Black, Larry C. Porter. Edited by Brian M. Hauglid, Mark Alan Wright, Joseph M. Spencer.



BYU Speech about Harrises and Bradishes knowing each other well (at one time.)


"Encyclopedia of Mormonism" -BYU Library


Martin Harris, Wikipedia, (January 2023 archived)


"Martin Harris -Encyclopedia of Mormonism" BYU Library Digital Collections. Contributors Daniel H. Ludlow


Insights into different opinions regarding Martin Harris: 

-Martin beating Lucy with the handle of a whip link #1


-Link #2


-Other controversial claims


-Martin claims angel appeared as a deer and walked with him


-(Another claim about the deer is also in the previously referenced Wikipedia page for Harris (archived Jan. 2023)


-Martin Harris: Mormonism's Early Convert" from Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought Vol. 19, No. 4 (Winter 1986) pp 29-43 by Ronald W. Walker.


-Another reference to Martin producing linen


-(Martin's award winning ability to produce white linen from flax is referenced in For the Sum of Three Thousand Dollars) link already archived. 


-Counter intuitive claim that Martin began hiring the Smith boys around 1816 but didn't learn of Joseph's activities as they relate to Mormonism for 8 years (1824, not 1827 either as other resources suggest.)



Links about Lucy Hill Harris

-Wikipedia (archived January 2023)

-Counter intuitive

-About Lucy Hill Harris and Caroline Young as Martin's sequential wives.



Martin Harris' father Nathan Harris



Martin Harris' grandfather Preserved Harris owned kilns and land. Willed money to Nathan. (Note that as it was common to do in the time Nathan named one of his sons Preserved. (Third son after Emer and Martin).



Martin Harris' brother Emer married widowed Polly Chamberlain in 1844 as fourth wife. Polly was daughter of Solomon Chamberlain. This makes Solomon Chamberlain one of the fathers-in-law of Emer Harris.


-In 1829 Solomon Chamberlain was one of 16 total people documented as sharing story similar to first vision between years 1786-1841. (The Book of Mormon was published in 1830 after 10 counter intuitive years of history.)


-Deseret News article claiming Solomon Chamberlin vision was 1816 not 1829


-Solomon Chamberlin's pamphlet


-More insight into Chamberlin and other's claimed visions of the times:



Alvin Smith:

-Wikipedia (archived Jan. 2023)

Alvin Smith's mother Lucy Mack claims he was murdered by a "Quack physician" 

-Alvin Murdered, "The 'Beautiful Death" in the Smith Family" by Samuel Brown . Vol. 45, Issue 4, Page 22, BYU Studies Quarterly (December 2006) Search "quack physician" for words from Lucy Mack Smith

-Alvin's youngest sister Lucy called him "Amby"





Insight into 4 of the 6 publications printed before "The Book of Mormon" and that "The Book of Mormon" has counterintuitive similarities with:

-Names from Lembrieres "A Classical Dictionary" (updated by Charles Anthon)

-More names

-Comparison to "The Late War" Gilbert J. Hunt by Duane Johnson  

-Link to slide show regarding Duane Johnson's comparison between The Book of Mormon and The Late War

-Where the story of 2000 warriors originally came from involving 5th U.S. president James Monroe

-Digital copy of "The Late War"

-Letter from Gilbert Hunt to Jefferson provides insight into another person besides Mitchill who knew Jefferson.

-Insight into Michael Linning author of "The First Book of Napolean"

-Michael Linning Wikipedia (Jan. 2023)

-Claims author was Michael Linning aka Eliakim the Scribe. Other links claim author was Modeste Gruau. (Linning was scribe to the Queen of Scotland and other intriguing things)

-Insight into Gruau

-Other insight into "The First Book of Napolean"

-Insights into Ethan Smith's "A View of the Hebrews"

-Ethan Smith Wikipedia (Archived Jan. 2023)

-More comparison insights


Insight into anachronisms


Plates of Gold and Angels

-Plates of Gold

-Gold plates storybook format.



24 Angels who visited Joseph Smith

Angel Moroni appeared to 17 different people



Different insights into claimed translation process

-Process #1 Book of Mormon Translation (organization's website)

-Process #2 brown rock or white rock with hat method…

-Time of 65 days causes more discrepencies in regards to whereabouts and moving around.

-More discrepancies including words claimed to be by Joseph but inferring that he didn't meet Martin Harris until 1827. 

-Joseph and Emma Taking plates in wagon.

-9 months to print claimed

-7 months to print claimed

-Palmyra locals didn't want the printed compilation.

-"Memorandum of John H. Gilbert" September 8, 1892, (Book of Mormon typesetter in 1829-1830)

-Delayed Agreement. Contract between 24 year old Joseph Smith and 47 year old Martin Harris claiming to be regarding the payment of printing through E.B. Grandin (signed about five months after printing started (January 16, 1830. Also signed by Oliver Cowdery as witness. From "The Joseph Smith Papers." (Archived link may not show image of document. If so, search for original link using terms in link.)

-"Martin Harris and the Lost Pages" from organization's website.


Different modern day equivalents of Martin's claimed $3,000 in 1829 (or 1830)

-$300,000 equivalent claimed in November 2013.

-$1 million equivalent claimed in March 2007.

-$1.6 million adjusted equivalent simultaneously claimed from $67,000 non-adjusted equivalent claimed. Report titled: "Martin Harris the Great Benefactor." Undated but includes 10 citations with some of them dated 1830, 1999 and 2007.)



Claimed timelines of Joseph and Hyrum murders

-Another timeline claiming different events involving John Taylor and Willard Richards in another way. (After Brigham Young, John Taylor then Willard Richards would be president of Mormonism)

-John Taylor's Miracle



Samuel Smith 

-Wikipedia (Archived Jan 2023)

-Samuel Smith poisoned.



Record of family of Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith (Joseph's parents)

-Wikipedia (Archived Jan. 2023)



Forensically validated image of Joseph Smith still unacknowledged by Mormonism



"History of the Prophet Joseph Smith By His Mother." This link is to one version.



Children of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale Smith (Bidamon)

Link #1:

Link #2:



Emma Hale Smith Bidamon Wikipedia (Archived Jan. 2023)

-Insight into Emma



Luther Bradish links

-Wikipedia (archived Jan. 2023)

-Carved name on Temple of Dendur

-Another one about the Temple of Dendur

-Letters from Luther to his parents held by BYU

-Notes about Bradish in Turkey/Egypt around 1819-1825 and his experience there before officially becoming James Fenimore Cooper's literary agent in 1827. (Page 104)

-"Luther Bradish: American Agent on the Nile"


James Fenimore Cooper links

-Wikipedia (Archived Jan. 2023)

-James Fenimore Cooper Society

-Insight into Cooper's own family

-Cooper and famiy in Europe 1826-1833



-Many other links redacted for now out of respect to Cooper's descendants and with the invitation for them to, in this new light, reevaluate any private holdings or relics from his estate and to please contact me. 



Samuel Latham Mitchill links

-Wikipedia (Archived Jan. 2023)

-Link from SNAC, Mitchill volunteered to dig ditches to help war effort.

-"Samuel Latham Mitchill, A Neglected American Pioneer of Anesthesia" by Norman A. Bergman, MD (1985)

-Founder of The New York Academy of Sciences


-Knew inventor Robert Fulton

-Thomas Jefferson and Mitchill

-Mitchill and "Fredonia"

-Letters from Samuel Latham Mitchill to wife and others.

-Summary in Joseph Smith papers


Charles Anthon links

"Charles Anthon-The Man Behinde the Letters" by Erin B. Jennings

-Insight into Charles Anthon starting with his mother and father (Page 39)

-Anthon updates Lembrieres "A Classical Dictionary"

-Insight into Anthon family

-Insight into Charles and his siblings,_John

-Comparison to "caricatures" document aka "Anthon Transcript"

-Additional Anthon links to Edgar Allen Poe 





Leaders of Mormonism related


Chronology of the Quorum of the 12


BYU Professor of Church History and Doctrine Richard E. Bennett counterintuitively refers to Anthon then Mitchill then Bradish as being familiar with the Rosetta Stone while leaving the other two out in each reference. These counter intuitive references again are:

-#1 Claim it was Anthon (post undated but with 36 citations some including different dates.)

-#2 Claim it was Bradish (post undated but with 44 citations some including different dates.)

-#3 Claim it was Mitchill (misspelled as Mitchell by organization's website) (2015)




Links about others for archival reasons:,2384501,2385032,quote=1

U.N. Meeting Involving David O. McKay and not J. Reuben

1932 Deseret News

A link to a digital edition of the newspaper with the article in it. For this link the article is found on page 19. This is because the article seems to have been in a special insert with the paper and is on page 3 of the insert rather than page 3 of the daily paper.

A link to close up of the article.

Another link to a close up of the article

$100B stockpile (likely $100B-$500B+)

Link to the Robing Room

Utah Judicial Conduct Commission

Herbert Wikipedia 

Herbert Available Jones


10 Most Outrageous Things Benjamin Franklin Ever Did

10 More things about Benjamin Franklin



Ten things you may not know about Paul Revere


Rough statistics about Utah (Long post, scroll to find list n post)


Hawaii's sunken island treasure found and returned after 190 years



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