Michael Dean Jarman "MJ"
(801) 278-7000
-Founder of WeRx USA.
-Author of "Audit Your Lawyer," "Origins Of Abuse" and "Secret Not Secret."
-Humanities Geek.
-Future Governor of The New Utah.
-Future Nobel Prize Winner.
-Former teenage river guide in Alaska. 


What Utah has been, what Utah is and what Utah can be for it's 3.2 million full-time residents, tens of thousands of part-time residents, more than 10 million visitors every year, the rest of the West, the rest of the Nation and the rest of the globe is something I feel strongly about for many reasons. Reconciling it all from the U.S.A.'s pre-modern to modern times comes with many challenges. I believe I'm the first to explore those challenges and identify solutions and I present them in free PDF's that continue to serve as a brighter light for thousands of people. Some of these topics are heavy for some and because sometimes keeping things light can be a good form of medicine I chose the name "GuvvyWuvvy" for certain parts of "social media."


 "Utah Dap" started for me as a fist bump related to bringing real estate Sellers and Buyers together when it comes to conquering some of the monsters that sometimes present themselves in a Utah real estate transaction (at any altitude Utah offers.) Since then "Utah Dap" has grown to a collective love of what Utah has been, what Utah is now and what Utah can be.


First licensed as one of a "few" real estate agents in Utah County in 1999 and a selectively detoured Utah Real Estate broker now. I am lucky to have had brilliant commercial, investment, resort and residential broker mentors as part of working with experienced investors and commercial tenants along the way. 

Discovering the path to bringing two sides together is a thrill I am lucky to be motivated by. Pausing critical parts of my real estate career to apply those motivations to what is critical to Utah continues to bring even more thrills and more discoveries.

My spirit animal is the "Data Hound." What's yours?