"Utah Law Fraud"

Utah's Black Market Imposter Legal System. 

Revealing how certain circles of crooked Utah lawyers and judges pile up fortunes by using nine secret loopholes to exploit vulnerable victims from all walks of life. They do this by hiding behind illusions "The State of Utah" has quietly allowed for decades. Protect yourself, your loved ones and your neighbors by knowing.

As of August, 2021, Utah is home to about 3.2 million people. The state is 350 miles long, 250 miles wide and offers more than 11,000 rewarding vertical feet in elevation differences to willing full-time residents, part-time residents and guests. Like other Western states the number of residents has grown by a few hundred thousand people in just the past few years for many insightful reasons. Behind all this outdoor awesomeness however there is a great deception hiding behind closed doors, this is Utah's Mormon controlled black market imposter legal system. 

If you happen to be familiar with the Utah based organization known as "Mormonism" (also known as "LDS"), you would probably agree that for generations, most loyalists you have heard of have been benevolent people. 

It might also come as no surprise to you that because of the cultural prominence of Mormonism in Utah all of the critical roles in Utah's political, legal, educational, municipal and media offices have always been occupied by Mormon loyalists. However, because of Mormonism's 21st century, elephant-in-the-room, non-ecclesiastical, $100 billion dollar commercial, educational and political purposes as well as the secret, extended family of rotating men from various legal and business roles who are chosen to fulfill the leadership roles for Mormonism itself, this is an unconscionable conflict of interest in ecclesiastical, legal, professional and ethical ways. It continues to lead to thousands of horrors hiding behind "the law" every year. 

Perhaps these horrors are happening because 21st century Mormonism itself is not what it seems. Hidden history continues to reveal more about this. (Here) Just one small example of this is that the next generation of loyalists are privately being taught something about critical parts of Mormonism that is very different than what previous generations of loyalists were taught. This may be happening because of the differences in teachings in public meetings held in Mormonism's chapels and in the private ceremonies held in Mormonism's temples for loyalists only. The following links share more (Here) (Here) (Here)

If confusion of this magnitude among different generations of loyalists can exist in Mormonism's most reserved places, it shouldn't be surprising to discover that these horrors affecting all Utahans from all walks of life stem from another deception and has secretly gone on for decades. 

One of the roots of this deception is that since 1932 the organization that is supposed to supervise loyalist lawyers for the loyalist controlled "State of Utah" has secretly been hiding behind deceptive illusions. Way back then part-time loyalist state lawmakers, many who were full-time loyalist lawyers in daily life, created this self-serving set up. To avoid accountability to the public, rather than have an actual "State" office supervise their actions as "civilian" lawyers, they created a law to secretly allow themselves to supervise themselves under the banner of a deceptively named private corporation. The name they chose to make it sound like they were supervised by "The State of Utah" is the "Utah State Bar". Then, they went even further and secretly made sure the "Utah State Bar" would always be quietly funded by them, the very same lawyers it is supposed to supervise. This is another unconscionable conflict of interest from the previous century and it contributes to why the loyalist controlled "Utah State Bar" does not supervise circles of loyalist lawyers like the general, growing public might believe it does.

This is also why certain circles of loyalist lawyers and judges in Utah have implemented and used at least nine additional loopholes in insidious ways to hide behind their illusions and pile up fortunes by targeting vulnerable Utahans from all walks of life. They disguise their victims as their "clients". Although many victims have know idea they were deceived by their loyalist laywer for years, all victims are left devastated, many never recover and some don't survive (due to suicide.)


This self-serving set up for Utah's loyalist lawyers is like a boxing league secretly allowing referees to get paid tens of thousands of dollars more the longer they let a fight go on. There's a reason boxing leagues aren't allowed to operate like "Utah State Bar". 


It's even more disturbing that actual agencies of the "State of Utah" publicly supervise tens of thousands of other State licensees. This includes real estate agents, mortgage agents and insurance agents. What other horrors would we see if these State licensees too were secretly allowed to hide behind their own illusions of "law" like Utah's loyalist lawyers are? What liability is there for "The State of Utah" for allowing this unconscionable double standard to secretly go on for decades resulting in tens of thousands of corrupt, double-standard cases to go on regarding critical matters like custody, business, collection, eviction and personal injury? 

Without a doubt, this deception by loyalists contributes to why Utah is also the only state in the Nation consistently ranked among the worst states in the Nation for suicide, child abuse and financial fraud year after year.  

These nine loopholes and more have all been reported to more than a dozen relevant State offices and agencies from the Governor's office down yet like those other horrible statistics, they too continue to go ignored.



#1) THEY are emotionally grooming vulnerable victims disguised as "clients". They do this so they can turn simple matters into endlessly complex matters with pages and pages of different filings and forms that they can drag on for years and that will require endless hours of a victim's time. They do this in business, divorce, custody, collection and eviction matters so they can bill tens of thousands of dollars (or more) the longer they drag them on. They commit mail fraud, they verbally abuse, they lie, they instigate, they make false promises, they use catchy words from TV like "that big day in court", they file unnecessary documents that take months to move past, they collude with the other lawyer, they do things with the other lawyer, they date the other lawyer, they withhold settlement offers between parties and they blame the court for the delays (even though they secretly handle identical matters for themselves in a matter of weeks.) The judges play along. 

To avoid this, settle matters between yourselves or try a mediator without lawyers first.

#2) THEY are pocketing thousands of dollars in upfront retainer fees from targets disguised as "clients" and then they are withdrawing from the target's case just weeks later without doing anything. This can also destroy a targets credit and prevent opportunities for employment and home ownership. Victims of this find themselves far worse off then before they met the loyalist lawyer. This tactic is so rampant among loyalist Utah lawyers that some victims have had more than one do this to them.

#3) THEY falsely inflate bills and then use the loyalist court network to steal their own "client's" homes. They do this by filing liens on their own "clients" homes. This is why many loyalist lawyers ask a prospective "client" if they own a home. (Watch for this red flag in the very beginning.) 

To not get caught doing this, some loyalist Utah lawyers seem to change all or part of their business name every couple years so the liens they file against their own "clients" homes are harder to discover in Utah's outdated "Xchange" case search system. 

Some loyalist Utah lawyers steal tens of thousands of dollars from each victim. Some do this to dozens of victims each year. Some tell landowners they wont stop doing things like this to them until the landowner pays them millions. 

#4) THEY are turning abuse claims by battered women into a lucrative cottage industry by misleading these vulnerable abuse victims with false costs of protective orders. They tell victims protective orders cost $5,000 (or more) when they are actually FREE online under a federal program.  Many victims leave distraught and continue to be abused indefinitely (if they survive.)

#5 THEY can pile up an additional fortune for themselves if they overwhelm their victims disguised as their "clients" so much that the person finally loses all hope and commits suicide. (Just like a boxer committing suicide to finally stop the pain under a psychopathic referee.) The well-connected, loyalist lawyer can do this this without the deceased person's surviving and needy children or other family members knowing too. They can do it without getting caught by simply adding tens of thousands of dollars to the deceased persons bill after the person passes away. They take the money from insurance by using the lien method to force the sale of the victim's home (and force surviving children and other family members out.) 

The sociopathic level of impunity that secret circle loyalist Utah lawyers treat their "client's" with is so far beyond being unprofessional or having a lack of human concern for the "client" that it really seems that their hidden intent is to get their "client" to commit suicide so they can secretly steal this additional fortune. 

It would be an alarming day if the books of many well-connected, loyalist Utah lawyers were forced to be opened so we could see how many accounts had thousands of dollars added to them after someone died.  

#6) BECAUSE OF UTAH'S SECRET CIRCLES, if a loyalist lawyer's "client" somehow survives the years of undermining and exploitation and still has the presence of mind and the access to finances to attempt to take the loyalist lawyer to court over the tens of thousands of dollars of false fees, "The Utah Appellate Court" who will eventually handle the matter after another year or two of struggle has revealed that they too will secretly let the loyalist lawyer go free even if they symbolically rule in favor of the victim. (This has happened and the loyalist lawyer continues to do the same thing to more victims every year.) 

#7) THEY are using secret loopholes allowed by the "Utah Supreme Court", the "Utah Administrative Office of the Court", the "Utah Judiciary" and the "Utah Judicial Conduct Commission" to collude with each other, with judges, with custody evaluators, with mediators and other court appointees. This includes committing mail fraud by falsely claiming critical items were mailed without actually mailing them. This happens because the court's secret circles don't require lawyers to show proof that they mailed something, they just have to say they did even if they are lying and as one of them confessed they "lie all the time". 

These loopholes also allow loyalist judges to implement "made up" procedures. Courtroom audio even reveals a loyalist Judge who seems to use insidious methods previously hidden in other manipulation scripts to perpetuate this devastation upon victims by favoring certain loyalist lawyers. This tactic by the loyalist judge is likely intended to provoke a person to react in a way that the judge can falsely claim to charge the person with contempt-of-court, throw the person in jail, get the person beat up or murdered, get the person to self-medicate themselves into oblivion, get the person to commit suicide or to otherwise be able to blame the victim and further hide the loyalists dark acts.

#8) THEY are posing as collection agents and using the secret circles to target innocent people with false amounts. They then add thousands of dollars more to those false amounts as their own false fees as a scare tactic to force the innocent people to "shut up and pay up". 

#9) THEY can abuse expensive drugs, alcohol and more and secretly make their "clients" pay for it. If a loyalist lawyer develops a $5,000 a month cocaine habit, all they have to do is randomly add $5,000 to their random "clients" bills as "billable hours" to support it. If they show up to court high or drunk, the loyalist judge will pretend not to notice and will even play along. (Remember male and female loyalist judges can be former friends, partners, buddies, country club members, "associates", etc...with the current male and female loyalist lawyers). 


The dark roots of Mormonism's self-serving, intertwined role in loyalist controlled Utah's political, legal, educational, municipal and media offices go even deeper and get even more rotten in unimaginable ways...


Within the collective culture of Mormonism as loyalists, politicians, judges, lawyers, mediators, custody evaluators and all other critical office holders are also expected to donate at least 10% of their income to perpetuating that global organization's stated "ecclesiastical objectives". Although parts of that organization do claim to have ecclesiastical objectives, in reality, in recent years, it has been revealed that the organization has expanded into stock interests worth well over $100 billion dollars (that part of the organization's fortune is among the top five cash reserves in the USA). The organization also holds global commercial real estate interests worth tens of billions of dollars, political interests that they've spent tens of millions of dollars on, a prominent Utah university (BYU) with locations in 3 US states (Utah, Idaho and Hawaii) and, believe it or not, a Utah law school (the J. Reuben Clark Law School at BYU) where the majority of that collective controlling majority in Utah also received their education credentials for university and/or law certifications. Because of those credentials, that collective controlling majority is also closely intertwined with the university and law school in other cultural, political, personal, professional and even nepotistic ways. (It's important to note that the organization also requires all professors and staff of it's self-serving university and law school to also be loyalists of the organization's stated ecclesiastical objectives and to be held accountable as such.)


More dark roots in loyalist controlled Utah is that judges used to be lawyers too and are not elected by the public, they are appointed by the Utah governor who, for the past several decades have also all been loyalists. It seems some of the judges even had their resumes bolstered in peculiar ways when they were lawyers by the well-connected judges ahead of them as a clandestine way to eventually justify their eventual "appointments" to the bench to protect the interests of the collective controlling loyalist majority.


Other dark roots are that the global organization's ecclesiastical purposes are claimed to be led by a group of 3 men known as "The First Presidency" overseeing a group of 12 men known as "The Quorum of the 12" yet, unconscionably, some of the men in those roles are also former Utah lawyers and/or judges. Currently one of the men in the "First Presidency" is a former member of the "Utah Supreme Court". He is also a multi-generational descendant of the original New York family who financed the well orchestrated beginnings of the global organization (beginnings which continue to have patriotic, but violent and conflicting reports revealed about them). Because of polygamy's former role in the global organization's history, 99% of the men who have held a role in those 15 rotating positions have also all been related and because of that there are also other generational connections between the men in the organization and men in Utah's public roles. Additionally, another loophole allows judges to direct millions of dollars a year to certain law firms. This may be because in Utah judges are also allowed to be shareholders or partners in law firms they were part of when they were lawyers and that ferry cases to them. 


Even though there are names of perpetrators to be revealed and thousands of victims a year, proof exists that the victims who do come forward continue to go ignored by they loyalist controlled "Utah State Bar", by the loyalist controlled "Office of Professional Conduct", by the loyalist controlled "Judicial Conduct Commission", by the loyalist controlled "Utah Administrative Office of the Court", by the loyalist controlled "Utah Supreme Court", by the Utah offices of the FBI and US Attorney and by all of Utah's well-connected, controlling, loyalist politicians from the top down. Whether it's by disbelief, nepotism, impunity, apathy, enabling certain circles or worse, the critical role players at these loyalist controlled organizations, at Utah's loyalist universities and at Utah's two loyalist controlled law schools collectively refuse to acknowledge that these nine loopholes exist. Remember that Utah's current governor is a loyalist lawyer too and many past and present part-time legislators were or are full-time Utah loyalist lawyers who were also credentialed by the Mormonism's law school at BYU. Remember too that as much fingers pointing as there is to do, the measure of many individual's intertwined roles in that global organization as it relates to Utah State Bar's illusions, the nine loopholes and other deceptions in Utah is yet to be fully determined in a non-loyalist controlled federal court. 


Because of the several ways certain circles of these loyalists are allowed to hide behind the law and exploit thousands of innocent Utahans each year, because of U.S. laws like "R.I.C.O" and because of "The State of Utah's" collective refusal to acknowledge the nine loopholes and the countless insidious crimes of these certain circles, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for "The State of Utah", for those who engage in these horrors, for those who have looked the other way and for those who continue to look the other way. Perhaps the reason all those within critical roles of "The State of Utah" collectively continues to look the other way is because "The State of Utah" would be on the hook for billions upon billions of dollars in liability for decades of collusion and misrepresentation? 


It's important to also note that while "The State of Utah" requires real estate agents to provide certain disclosures to prospective clients, it does not require lawyers to provide any disclosures at all. If it had for all these years it's highly likely we would not be seeing the horrors that we are. 



The 1930's, when all this started, had plenty of weird or horrible things going on (like other regrettable parts of U.S. History) but while those parts all ran their course and eventually ended, this insidious deception is still happening in Utah. For example, the 1930's brought The Great Depression (1929-1933) as well as many local and nationally intellectually polarizing events. This includes when the LDS owned newspaper "The Deseret News" (still in operation today) publicly endorsed Adolf Hitler as the next leader of Germany



I first started raising awareness about the loyalist's illusions of "Utah State Bar" in early 2018 after I became a victim of a few of the nine ways and looked into how any of that was even possible. As I submitted various posts online about what I discovered, and received endless  trash talk and warnings for doing so, other victims experiences eventually came to light and contributed to me identifying the rest of the nine ways. As I've continued to publicly raise awareness of this in conventional and unconventional ways, the Dean of the University of Utah's loyalist controlled SJ Quinney College of Law, the Director of the loyalist controlled Utah Administrative Office of the Court and the Director of the loyalist controlled Utah State Bar have quietly left their positions. Utah State Bar also tried to quietly make other staffing changes in an effort to avoid nepotistic connections being exposed. Utah State Bar has also attempted to quietly disassociate from another psuedo, loyalist controlled office known as the "Office of Professional Conduct" ("OPC") by claiming that the "OPC" is no longer a part of "Utah State Bar" and that it now "regulates" Utah lawyers even though random letters from "OPC" still indicate they have no authority to actually impose penalties. Most days the OPC website and phone number don't even work. 

On top of this, for years the loyalist controlled Utah "Judicial Conduct Commission" has had fake pictures on it's website implying it's offices are at the stately "Matheson Courthouse" when in reality they only have a PO Box in an old building 20 blocks away. Security at that building isn't even ran by the Sheriff like the Matheson Courthouse is. Instead, it's a private security guard sits in the lobby and on most days the private security guard doesn't even know the "Judicial Conduct Commission" claims it has an office there. On other days the private security guard will claim that a person comes in and picks up the mail for the "Judicial Conduct Commission" once a week. In my experience, this same single person is also the person who returns calls and claims to "investigate" complaints as the "Judicial Conduct Commission". They also have no email forcing complainants to mail complaints in or drop them off in person. 

This is all just more deception and more indication that many colluding loyalist individuals within "The State of Utah" will continue going to great lengths no matter how shameful they are to hide all this. 



As all this continues to unfold, do not fall for the sociopathic, narcissistic provocations of these certain circles. Remember, as tragic as this is, it equals opportunity and greater purpose for millions of victims in Utah to fix this corruption and create a legislative model for other states experiencing some of the same challenges. Stay smart. Be heard. Be seen. Share your story. Just by doing this you are "beating the devil at his own game". 



While 32 other US jurisdictions might also have similar shill corporations like "Utah State Bar" to provide the illusion of supervision about thousands of their own crooked lawyers, they are not allowed to be as uniquely connected as the certain circles of loyalists that have silently grown in Utah behind the horrors of this deception. 



1) Share your own experience with us (anonymous is OK). 

2) Contact us for mediation services and other guidance. 

3) Post your own stories about Utah Law Fraud you've experienced often and everywhere you can. Consider places online or here or here.

4) Even though many of Utah's part-time elected officials are full-time lawyers contact them anyway and demand the creation of a committee to write laws that will close these loopholes, investigate the hundreds of crooked attorneys and judges and severely punish the guilty. Here's links to who to contact: Utah Senate Roster. Utah House of Representatives Roster. U.S. Senator's Romney or Lee. Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes. Utah Governor Spencer Cox.


THE LIST OF UTAH LEADERS WE HAVE REACHED OUT TO ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS: Two different Utah governors (Herbert and Cox), Utah's current Attorney General (Reyes), Utah State Senators (Hatch, Lee and Romney) all of Utah's current 100 person legislature (Here) and (Here), local business luminaries (some who are connected as donors and other ways to Utah's public universities and law school or to BYU and it's law school) and even LDS leaders. For one reason or another letters, emails, voicemails, polite in person visits and requests for appointments went ignored. 



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You probably noticed that my name is Mike D. Jarman, I go by "MJ". On some day's I'm a heck-of-a State licensed advocate for people evaluating the different opportunities that Utah's diverse residential, commercial and mountain resort real estate markets can offer. On other days I can be pretty hapless in my ambitious pursuits (fortunately for me that goes with the territory). 

Because of my diverse line of work and as happenstance tends to happen to occasionally hapless people, around 2017, I unknowingly started on this journey that would lead to me discovering deception within The State of Utah's most critical law offices and departments. Because this deception related to my line of work and affected victims from all walks of life and although I am not a writer I continued to raise the alarm about this with all of Utah's well-connected offices. I was ignored by them all. As I pressed on however and shared this message publicly in different ways, victims of other nightmares at the hands of The State of Utah began to reach out to me with their own stories. The message grew as the scope of the corruption expanded in unconscionable ways far beyond the devastating ways it originally related to clients in my line of work. 

Even if some of the conversations can be uncomfortable at times, I continue to share this message with people inside and outside of Utah because real progress for Utah is found in open conversation, not in silence, propaganda or selective misrepresentation. Because of that, the right people are seeing this alarming information as an opportunity to save lives and bring desperately needed change and healing to Utah. 


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