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What would you think if I told you that the founder of Mormonism was not a child prophet or a con-artist but that he was a victim of a wealthy family who used him as their puppet? That families last name was Harris.

One member of that family did violent things to fabricate Mormonism. His name was Martin Harris.

This is my original story from hidden history I have uncovered and context I have put together. 

My story shows that in order for Mormonism to become what it is today it would have taken many things that the Harris family had access to and that the boy Joseph Smith and his family did not. That includes cash, connections and plenty of newcomers. 

While the two other, more popular ideas about Joseph Smith are that he was a child prophet or a con artist, each of them leave out critical pieces of the puzzle. My story is the only explanation that has all of them. 

As part of my story, there are dozens of links, half-truths, hidden history, misrepresentations, outright lies and many other resources shared in this post but if you need something to jump start your curiosity 17 of them can be found here. Or here's a link to my youtube video "Cash, Connections and Newcomers". If you're looking for more detail try this other video I made (they're not glamorous).

Hidden history points to Martin Harris being a member of that wealthy, well-connected, patriotic family. From about 1810 to 1844 Harris secretly hijacked many unwilling sources, quietly engaged many willing sources and eventually ordered violent things to happen to fabricate Mormonism because he believed that it was all necessary to save the failing, colonial USA. For almost two decades prior, others before Harris had tried something similar but had failed. To Harris, time was of the essence. 

As part of Harris' inevitably violent way it seems that around 1816 he forced a 10 year old boy named Joseph Smith Jr. and the rest of the peculiar, treasure hunting, traveling Joseph Smith Sr. family into what would become their ill-fated, violent path in Mormonism's beginnings. At the time, Harris was already a wealthy, well-connected, 32 year old and a veteran of the three year long, nearby, War of 1812 (1812-1815). 

Joseph however wasn't the first child Harris controlled. Nearly a decade earlier (about the time Joseph was born in Sharon, Vermont) Harris was 23 and forced his 15 year-old first cousin Lucy Hill into marriage with him and years of physical abuse that would also see her birth six living children before her mysterious death. Harris would marry again just weeks later. (Remember that 1830 is when the first printing of Mormonism's keystone publication "The Book of Mormon" was paid for by the Harris family). 

Today, within Mormonism, more than 200 years later, Harris is forgotten. When he is remembered, there are many misrepresentations and illusions of who he was: 1) That he was a simple, poor, loner. 2) That he became on of the first understudy's of Joseph's and he was persecuted for it. 3) That his wife was an ever present nuisance to his cause under Joseph's direction (sometimes her name isn't even mentioned). 4) That he needed to "mortgage his only farm" to pay for the first publishing of The Book of Mormon. 5) That he was eventually kicked out of Mormonism. 6) That he humbly reunited with Mormonism's most prominent faction led by Brigham Young decades later (and around the time Brigham Young died...or was also murdered.)

It seems however that all these misrepresentations about the talented and patriotic but violent and narcissistic Harris wanted it written about him...or forgotten. (Afterall, "history is written by the victor".) There are many reasons for this. 

Also today, perhaps simply by coincidence, a direct descendant of that same New England Harris family that Martin was a member of is a former Utah lawyer, a former Utah Supreme Court judge and in a now lifetime appointment sits among the top, three person arm of Mormonism's managing body for ecclesiastical matters for 16,663,663 global members (2020 statistics). That body also oversees the annual donation amounts required for a follower to be in full, good-standing. Within Mormonism few followers know this or that many other past and present leadership roles in that group of three (known as "The First Presidency"), as well as other bodies of leadership including "The Quorum of the 12" are or have also been occupied by many people who are related in one way or another. 

Also today in Utah and affecting all of Utah's 3.2 million people, certain circles of other followers of Mormonism have taken advantage of those quiet, widespread familial and cultural connections within Mormonism to hide behind the law and maintain another imposter that for several decades has been Utah's black market legal system. (Mormonism also owns and operates a private University and a law school in Utah that are allowed to issue credentials for followers to be Utah attorneys. They are "Brigham Young University" and the "SJ Quinney College of Law".)  

But, there are many solutions to all this and Utah's other challenges...

So, if you are here, you have likely overcome the historical challenge of Mormonism that was presented to you and this is one of many opportunities to discover so much more! 

Congratulations on being part of the next generation! This is a continuing education for all of us and the future is bright! 

So there's a lot to talk about but for now, let's just start here...

"Her name was 'Emma Hale Smith Bidamon' not 'Emma Smith'".

Within the selective history of "Mormonism" (also known as "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" or "LDS") just the name "Emma" or "Emma Smith" is often presented as the name of Joseph Smith Jr.'s first wife (and one of his four scribes). Left out in doing that is that on Joseph's birth date (December 23rd) two and a half years after he was murdered (June 27, 1844) Emma married a longtime friend and non-LDS person named "Lewis Bidamon" who Joseph also had known. Also left out is that Emma as well as the rest of Joseph's multi-generational, surviving family did not follow Brigham Young into the violent West. Instead, they stayed in Nauvoo, Illinois as influential followers of one of the five different groups that Mormonism divided into after Joseph's murder. Joseph was murdered at age 39 along with his brother Hyrum (44). 33 days later the next youngest Smith brother Samuel (36) was also murdered. They all left wives and children behind. 

In Mormonism's selective history there are many reasons for all this. Could it include that most of Mormonism's 15 leaders have always been related?  Could it include that as a commercial corporation with diverse real estate, business, stock and for-profit education entities Mormonism holds the largest commercial cash reserve in the USA (worth well over $100B)? Could it include so much more? 

Dozens of links, resources, more hidden history and my original explanation for ALL OF THIS follows. (Sorry for any links to "Reddit." I'll get them all switched over eventually.) If you're ready for parts of LDS history and U.S. History to collide and finally be rewritten in a way that stands up to any test read on...

Since the USA's colonial times, Mormonism has attracted brave, benevolent followers. Hidden history indicates however that most followers had their trust exploited when they were too innocent to know what was happening to them. Most have have been taught a selective version of LDS history. Because of this, an ongoing imposter perpetuated by their innocent but collective imagination was allowed to be their only source of information about Mormonism. For many reasons, that collectively perpetuated information is very different from what hidden history reveals about Mormonism today. The differences between what different generations of followers are being taught have become far and wide. 

What you are about to discover is how hidden history reveals that a man purposely forgotten within LDS history named Martin Harris hijacked the good intentions of secretive Freemasonry factions that the likes of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere and other founding fathers belonged to in addition to hijacking the Joseph Smith Sr. family, the Erie Canal and countless immigrants. Harris did all this in an altruistic but tragically violent attempt to save the failed, colonial USA by fabricating what would become Mormonism as we know it. Because of the Nathan Harris (Martin's father) family's wealth, power and connections in the colonial Palmyra, New York area and greater New England region, it worked. Without Martin Harris, there's a chance that the USA as you know it would not exist. Spain, France, England or Mexico might still lay claim to the vast majority of the American continent. 

For starters, this means Joseph Smith Jr. was not who you might think he was. He was not a child prophet who grew to become a man prophet. He was also not a self-taught con-artist who built a city then allowed himself and his brother to be arrested and murdered at age 39 and within weeks of announcing his candidacy for president of the USA. Although he did engage in questionable behaviors as an adult, the boy Joseph was forced on this path. Just weeks before he turned 18, he was under Harris' complete control. This happened after the murder of his older brother Alvin. (Joseph, was Harris' second choice as puppet and voice of what would become Mormonism behind Alvin but Alvin was too headstrong to fully cooperate or allow Joseph to). Although Joseph also eventually developed an inner circle and militia of his own, his actions as a child and a young man were out of survival. There are many reasons for this. 

 While this context and rewriting of LDS history and U.S. history is my own original theory (and intellectual property), it is supported by more facts available today than any other version of Joseph Smith Jr. that you may have heard of. 

 If more truth is what you want then you will find it here...

Volumes of previously hidden facts from U.S. and LDS history available from legitimate libraries, historians and other sources linked by the internet indicate in no uncertain way that in the USA's tumultuous, unpredictable, faith driven, colonial times, the guiding hand of a male dominated group of wealthy, well-connected, powerful, patriotic families was cultivating an inspired way to save the failing, easterly landlocked, war-torn, infighting, colonial USA. For nearly two decades, that greater brotherhood's plan was to create a following that could begin the process of settling and claiming the majority of the vast, violent North American lands from the other countries that already controlled them in order to create the additional states desperately needed for the brittle Nation's expansion and survival. In the year 1816 however, after more than a dozen documented and failed attempts by grown men in the New England area to share this message in their own way, Martin Harris hi-jacked key components of it with the intentions of using a child as it's voice rather than an adult. 

Hidden history reveals the altruistic, zealous Martin Harris might not have started this way but he would go on to do violent, tragic things that no one else had done in sharing this message. He would involve many willing and unwilling participants. Because of the Harris family's additional connections to many industries including publishing, it would work although Harris would have no idea of that at the time. 

Hidden history reveals that this colonial darkhorse named Martin Harris was in fact a talented, dynamic, zealous, wealthy, well-connected, altruistic, patriotic war veteran. He also had connections to manufacturing, universities, industry, politicians and even authors who's works are famous to this day. (James Fenimore Cooper and others). By the modern standards of 24 of the 50 US states and several other countries, Harris was also incestuous. By the modern standards of any developed US state or country he was also an abuser guilty of committing domestic violence. Hidden history also seems to indicate that he ordered the murders of several critical people including the four Smith brothers, his first wife (and first cousin), James Strange, William Morgan and possibly even the once willing subordinate Brigham Young. This is all very different from the minor, collectively misrepresented role the collective imagination of Mormonism perpetuates about Harris. 

Martin's owns father, "Nathan Harris" originally moved the growing Harris family to the New England area of Palmyra, New York in 1793 when Martin was just 10 years old. (Joseph Smith Jr. wasn't even born yet). Martin had two brothers, "Emer" and "Preserved". (One of these brothers would have a daughter who would go on to marry Solomon Chamberlain. One of the 16 men documented to have also shared a "first vision" type story years before the boy Joseph Smith Jr. would). As Martin and his siblings grew, the family also became wealthy and influential in the colonial area's commerce, politics, government, military and infrastructure pursuits by making hundreds of acres of land productive for cultivation, raising livestock and the production of endless miles of award winning white linen. (In his early 20's Martin won local awards for the white linen that could be made from the Harris' New England flax rather than having to be made from imported cotton grown in "The South." Since then, for nearly 200 years, without knowing of the Harris' productive, colonial lands, millions of followers of Mormonism have been expected to rely on undergarments and ceremonial clothing made from white linen and only available to be purchased at LDS corporately owned stores.) 

 In 1806 when Martin was 23 years old he forced his 15 year old first cousin named "Lucy Hill" to be his bride. Hidden history indicates that he was not kind to her as his first "wife". Because she was a child, it was easy for him to control her in many ways. This may have been where Martin got the idea to use a child as the voice of Mormonism. In the following  years Martin would father at least 6 living children through Lucy's nubile womb. He would also face charges in court for beating her. She would also become deaf in one ear. (The stories Mormonism shares about Martin and Lucy are that he was a poor, peculiar, humble, faithful farmer stuck with a faithless "wife" there is no mention she was a child or his cousin.) 

At age 34, still married to Lucy and with his patriotic (but questionable) role in New England's nearby "War of 1812" behind him, Martin's plans for saving the failing Nation privately evolved to include using his wealth and power to secretly exploit another young person. Martin would use a young boy to be the voice of his hijacked version of the greater Freemasonry brotherhood's plan.

Now 1816, the parents of a peculiar and traveling family with several sons arrived in the primitive Palmyra town area in search of work on the to-be-built "Erie Canal". The 363 mile long, 40 foot wide, four foot deep, hand dug, floating expressway would take nearly 8 years to finish. For the peculiar, traveling family, it was their 8th move in the past 10 years with a child also being born about every year. Not all of the children survived. (Remember this is during primitive colonial times before modern clothing, hospitals, lights, plumbing etc...and New England weather. 
Now 1816, the parents of a peculiar treasure digging  and traveling family with several sons arrived in the primitive Palmyra town area in search of work on the to-be-built "Erie Canal". The 363 mile long, 40 foot wide, four foot deep, hand dug, floating expressway would take nearly 8 years to finish. For the family it was their 8th move around the vast New England area over the past 10 years. There was also child also born to the family about every year. Not all of the children survived past birth. (Remember this is in primitive, colonial times without modern clothing, hospitals, electricity, plumbing, phones, 911, cars, planes etc...and in New England weather too). 

By this time, the wealthy, well-connected, well-respected Martin also had been given control of the position of "Road Overseer" for the Palmyra area and as such he was the final say on the route the Erie Canal would take through the area. He made sure the Erie Canal would pass right by the Harris' family's vast and productive lands. This would create an endless river of cash for the Harris' and other landowners in the area as it's endless line of floating shipments on barges would open up vast markets through the struggling Port of New York (and start the process that would lead to that once forgotten port becoming one of the globe's largest financial hubs). It would also allow for Harris to easily bring countless numbers of desperate, humble, grateful immigrants inland from the Port of New York to Palmyra on the Harris family's now empty, returning canal barges. With at least four sons very capable of doing the hand digging work required for the canal, the newly arrived family was eventually directed to a primitive one room dwelling. The dwelling was less then one mile from the Harris' productive lands and the canal's route. The family's last name was "Smith". In 1816 the peculiar, traveling family's living members included Joseph Smith Sr. (Father), Lucy Mack Smith (Mother), Alvin (18), Hyrum (16), Sophronia (13), Joseph Smith Jr. (10), Samuel (8), William (5), Katharine (3) and Don Carlos (Infant). (Although LDS history leaves critical parts and timelines out, only the females and one male would survive what was to come). 

Unbelievably, the foundation of LDS history also impossibly leaves out the patriotic, monumental, Nation building construction of the Erie Canal during this exact same time in this exact same place of Mormonism's critical beginnings and under Martin's direct involvement. At the same time, LDS history also claims that 12 years would go by before Martin and his "faithless wife" would meet the Smiths even though Martin also hired the Smiths for work on his own lands and had a reputation for hiring men and boys in the region long before the peculiar, traveling Smith family arrived. Because there weren't many other dwellings in that area, it's highly likely that Martin even owned the dwelling that the Smiths were led to. He most definitely could see the smoke from the dwelling's fire. If he wasn't the current owner, he most definitely knew the owner and he most definitely new other nearby landowners who the Smith's would have worked for. 

Martin, who among other things also claimed that Jesus had appeared to him in the form of a deer that walked with him for a couple miles, must have believed that divine intervention had played a role in the peculiar, traveling, hungry, homeless Smith family with it's many children and sons  suddenly arriving in Palmyra and him needing a worthy, young-man-role-player for his altruistic, hi-jacked version of the greater brotherhood's plan to save the brittle, easterly landlocked, colonial Nation. Martin probably introduced himself to the Smiths the day they arrived. 

Martin, with the haste of the brotherhood's Nation destined for imminent doom at his doorstep, originally focused on grooming 18 year old Alvin to be the needed voice. Because of his age however Alvin had access to many of the greater brotherhood's "Freemasonry" workings that Martin was liberally and quietly appropriating. Because of this knowledge and the contradictions that brought, Alvin proved to be too headstrong for Martin's plan over the next four years so Martin switched his grooming to "Joseph Smith Jr." who had grown to be 14 and as a naive boy from a peculiar, traveling family was easily impressed by Martin's productive lands, connections and wealth. Martin skipped 19 year old Hyrum in favor of the younger, more impressionable Joseph because to Martin, time was of the essence and he couldn't risk losing more years to the same things happening with Hyrum that happened with 18-22 year old Alvin. The survival of the brotherhood's Nation was at stake. It was now 1820 and still 41 years before the Civil War but the doom of the fever pitch Nation already seemed imminent as the configuration of new states had come to a screeching halt just as the brotherhood had predicted. A faithful following was the only thing that could save the Nation.

Under the wealthy, well-connected Martin's hands the naive boy Joseph began to tell his stories of visions which many New Englanders had already heard told by those other grown men for more than a decade. Naive Joseph was too young to know this though and he continued with Martin's grandiose promises of rewards almost within his grasp. Four more unpredictable years would pass for Martin and the Nation. Just four weeks before Joseph's 18th birthday, when the hi-jacked sources of the stories Martin had groomed Joseph with would face the risk of being exposed again just like they were with Alvin four long years before, Alvin was murdered by poisoning. (Alvin would not be the last Smith boy to be murdered.) Upon Alvin's death, the Smith's then youngest living child who was 3 year old Lucy, would refuse to leave her oldest brother's body placed in the family's dwelling and would cry "Amby, Amby, Amby" if her mother tried to take her away. Martin made his expectations for Joseph very clear. 

After Alvin's murder, to protect his parents and his other siblings from Martin's altruistic, hi-jacked plans that would stop at nothing, young Joseph traveled the New England region telling those stolen stories with a zeal none had seen before. Because many people were immigrants, they had also never heard the stories before. Just like Martin's child cousin and first wife Lucy, just like the soldiers who gave their lives under his command, the Smith's were under Martin's control. 

Before his eventual murder for also crossing Martin and even though he had become the voice of the movement Martin had engineered, Joseph Smith Jr.'s peculiar actions as that voice, as a child and later as an adult were not only because Joseph was an emotional hostage of Martin's, but he was also a naive student of the tumultuous, inner faction of the brotherhood that Martin had come to lead. Through the pain and suffering and superficial rewards to give the appearance of willing cooperation, Joseph the man quietly kept many liberating and patriotic ideas of his own. 

As Martin's following of immigrants grew by the thousands behind Joseph's superficial leadership, so did Joseph's secret inner following. Eventually Joseph even had a small militia of his own. On one occasion we know about it seems he tried to speak to his militia in code by claiming there are people who live on the moon known as "Moonquakers" and he shared certain details about them as part of the code.  Joseph's militia was nothing compared to the wealth, power, number of men, control and violence the well-connected Martin wielded. Even still, Joseph's naive ideas are why in 1844 at the age of 39, he suddenly announced his candidacy to be President of the failing 26 "United States of America" instead of continuing to follow Martin's secret orders to eventually lead the following deep into the West and save the Nation that way as the greater brotherhood had intended. 

This most recent rebellious act by Martin's most critical, superficial pawn however proved to be the final straw for Joseph. Just weeks after Joseph's announcement to run for President, Joseph and his brother Hyrum would be murdered after allowing themselves to be arrested, relocated and held in upper level of a loosely guarded colonial jail. (Hyrum would have likely been the faithful following's leader should something happen to Joseph.) 33 days later the next youngest Smith brother named "Samuel" would be murdered. (Samuel would have been the faithful following's next choice for leadership should something happen to  Hyrum.) Within the greater brotherhood of Freemasonry, 33 has always been a significant number. By waiting 33 days to murder Samuel, it's almost as if Martin had used the "33" as a calling card to the men of the greater brotherhood so they would know without a doubt what his goal was? This would only be one of countless times that symbols would be hidden within Mormonism.

All told, four Smith brothers including Alvin, Joseph, Hyrum and Samuel would be murdered during the 20 years of Mormonism's violent, sensational, selectively taught beginnings. Joseph Smith Sr. and another Smith brother would also die during this time. While Joseph and Hyrum were shot many times while attempting to flee by jumping out a window only to die in each other's arms on the ground below, Samuel also died of poisoning according to a journal by one of his daughters. Of Joseph and Hyrum some claim they died clasped in each others arms because each brother was trying to use his body to shield the other brother from the bullets.  At the time of their deaths poisoned Alvin was 25 and engaged, shot Joseph was 39, shot Hyrum was 44, poisoned Samuel was 36. All Smith men left children behind. 

Although after Joseph, Hyrum and Samuel's murder Mormonism's followers split into at least five groups, the torch of the faithful following's patriotic cause was ultimately carried into the West by Martin's willing subordinate and now infamous polygamist "Brigham Young". 

It was 1847 when that Brigham Young following of Martin Harris' made of many immigrants reached that secret, strategic location deep in the center of the West and next to an enormous salt lake in what was then "Mexico Territory". Most of the followers had been led to believe their goal was actually the continent's western coastline however it was this previously selected, strategically advantageous location where Brigham Young was ordered to suddenly halt the following's Westward journey and instead proclaim
 "this is the place". 

This proclamation by Brigham Young meant that this controversial, brave, faithful following  was the only group of people to finally, successfully penetrate the interior of the war torn continent when no other groups had been able to do so amid the challenges of the continent, the endless attacks they valiantly faced and the immeasurable loss of life they suffered.  Brigham Young and his following reaching "the place" meant "The West" could finally be won. The warring Native American tribes and the warring nations like Spain, France, Mexico and Great Britain that supplied them and that had prevented the United States' critical expansion into the West for so many decades could and would finally be overcome. 

With the desperately needed lifeline finally secured, the failing, easterly landlocked USA began forming westward states again after crippling, stalled growth for nearly 30 years. The same 30 years that the beginnings of Mormonism took root among immigrants at Martin's silent direction. "The Place" Brigham declared would eventually become "Salt Lake City, Utah". Instead of commemorating Mormonism's settlement in "Mexico" with a statue of Joseph or any of a number of symbols or figures related to Mormonism, Brigham Young would commemorate the greater brotherhood's progress for the USA by commissioning a noble statue of an eagle with a 5 pointed star in it's clasp. The eagle representing a well known symbol of the USA, the star representing a privately known symbol of the greater brotherhood. The statue is still known today in Salt Lake City as "The Eagle's Gate" and those stars are used throughout Mormonisms' buildings. Without that colonizing "gate" Spain, France, Mexico, Great Britain and other countries might still be fighting over the greater American continent today. 

As part of his plan, Martin did not go with the risky Brigham Young following and instead stayed near the city Mormonism had built in Illinois known as "Nauvoo". He would also periodically visit one of the other followings that was originally non-polygamous, that had developed after Joseph's murder and that he had sent north to Wisconsin. The leader of that faction was named James Strange and he also claimed to have divine writings (just like Joseph was ordered to claim). Strange was also eventually murdered. 

As for Martin's first wife and cousin Lucy, when Martin was 53 she also mysteriously died after a period of separation from Martin but no divorce. Just weeks later though, Martin married a 21 year old niece of Brigham Young. Martin would also father seven more living children through her nubile womb with history eventually recording 13 living children fathered by Martin. 

Although there are several faction's of Mormonism today, it is Martin's nepotistically led, immigrant dependent "Brigham Young following" that has grown to be the most prominent, most controversial, most wealthy faction of Mormonism today. 

 For the past four decades, a direct descendant of the Nathan Harris family publicly known as "Dallin H. Oaks" (the "H" is for "Harris" but is rarely mentioned) has quietly been one of  Mormonism's most prominent leaders. He has been an attorney in Illinois and Utah, a member of the Mormon controlled Utah Supreme Court, the president of Mormonism's billion dollar Brigham Young University where the J.Reuben Clark Law School also is and he is next in line to be the most senior leader of Mormonism (the only position in Mormonism known as "The Prophet"). Yet, Martin Harris is all but forgotten except for being regarded within the collective imagination of Mormonism as a "poor farmer with a faithless wife who faithfully mortgaged his farm to pay for the first printing of the Book of Mormon but eventually lost faith himself and didn't go with the saints to Utah". LDS history claims Martin eventually arrived in Utah around 1870 though but fails to note that Martin outlived everyone in Mormonism's beginnings except for Brigham who apparently may have also died from poisoning two years after Martin's supposed death. Martin being forgotten or misremembered like this is probably exactly the way he wanted it.  

Because of Martin's forced progeny and his order to practice polygamy, most of Mormonism's revolving body of 15 leaders have always been related. (This is also a big secret in Mormonism). Although polygamy has been publicly disallowed among the Brigham Young following for the past 130 years. It's practice is the catalyst for these peculiar family arrangements and other appointments which continue to be found throughout Mormonism and the well-connected politics and law making roles in Utah today. Because of the additional connections to BYU law, it's not surprising that corruption in Utah's politics and law making networks is rampant. Millions of families in Utah are in desperate need of rescue from this nepotistic, exploiting, imposter. You can learn more about this at www.UtahLawFraud.com. As rescue comes remember that just because someone is a member of the same family that doesn't mean their actions are voluntary. It's important to remember that like the 10 year old boy Joseph Smith back in the summer of 1816, Mormonism's followers and even it's related leaders also started as silent victims when they too were too young to know what was happening to them. There will be much to sort out when it comes to who is guilty of what. 

(For example, up until 2020 there were 13 corporations secretly set up to control more than $100 billion dollars of Mormonism's vast fortune. "13" is also the same number of children Martin fathered that survived past birth. The unique order and names of those corporations reveals a code: "A-C-G-T". That is well known within the scientific community to mean "past, present and future generations of family".  It seems that whoever set up those specific names of those 13 corporations for that purpose did it to say "follow the cash".  As hidden history reveals, following that cash leads to Martin Harris and the hidden truths revealing that Mormonism of today is an imposter.)  

Today, for those who are grateful for the USA and what it means to the world, we can try to understand what Martin Harris and those after him did and the loss and sacrifices of so many innocent people along the way or  we can claim that "The West" would have eventually been won without Martin Harris' violent, hi-jacking, altruistic ways. Either way, it is obvious that Martin Harris never intended for Mormonism to last this long. It seems that he believed that colonial patriotism would eventually overtake it and that each LDS chapel would eventually serve their neighborhoods in even better ways. Maybe "The Church of the USA" would be a better name? 

Either way, remember that in 1776 (when the Declaration of Independence from Britain was published) and even after the four year long Civil War ended nearly 100 years later (1861-1865) the USA was still nothing that would resemble what it looks like today. All the states, highways, the internet, planes, cars, electricity and modern plumbing didn't even exist. Women couldn't even vote until after the Civil War. All living was still very primitive regardless of if it was in a rare "city" or a rural area. What was "The USA" back then was really just a handful of fighting, failing, easterly landlocked, paper states on a substantially larger continent that was already controlled by other powerful nations like Spain, France and Mexico. (Don't leave out the wars with Britain and the many other years of many other wars during that time too). The majority of the rest of continent that wasn't the "United States of America" represented the violent, unsettled, uncharted, North American area often referred to as "The West". 

What did exist however was "publishing". With tens of thousands of books including entire encyclopedia's and dictionaries published before this time. Thousands of large sailing ships that could travel the globe also existed. These ships are how information and stories proliferated the globe both in writing and in tale. 

When looking at the history of the USA and what it is today long before the "West was won", it is important to acknowledge the horrors of the eradication of the Native Americans, slavery and other tragedies along the way that were somehow allowed as different parts of the Nation found their way both collectively and individually. 

As hidden history and these truths continue to be revealed about Mormonism, it is also important to acknowledge how the horrors of Mormonism's hidden beginnings lasted decades and like these other horrors, also played a critical role in the USA's history and the USA growing through centuries of tumultuous colonial times. One way we can show that awareness today is by getting patriotic in big ways. Talk (don't settle for texting.) Fly the flag. Love your neighbor. Make the future brighter for the next generation. By doing this collectively and individually, as people have done for more than 245 years, inspiring stories of understanding, hope and progress will continue to come forward and the USA will continue to be founded everyday just like it always has been. 

*NOTE: This context regarding the imposter that is "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -Day Saints" is probably new to you. This is because as a historian, this context is my original theory that is comprehensively sustained by hundreds of previously hidden historical facts that I continue to discover, compile and  now present here for you to patriotically discover for yourself. I don't have the luxury of a professional editor and keep in mind this blog is a work in progress so I apologize for grammatical errors. If you are interested in sharing this more truthful re-writing of LDS history and US history, please contact me at the number above. If you are interested in discovering how the imposter that is Mormonism has also resulted in parts of the State of Utah being home to some of the worst rates in the Nation for corruption, child abuse, suicide, fraud and homelessness, all challenges with many solutions to talk about, that can be found at www.UtahLawFraud.com

*If you would like to explore another work in progress about how identifying narcissistic traits in your own culture can prevent generations of tragedy, please see my other link here


Because victims of Mormonism's selective history and non-victims may be reviewing this information, it's important to remember links and resources for progress first: 


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5. This link to my other blog is not perfect either and it is a "work in progress" too but it shares some insight into identifying and overcoming narcissistic traits in cultures and organizations.  

6. "Signs of an abusive relationship" (even organizations can be individually or collectively guilty of this). Internet searches for this term brings up a wealth of resources. 

7. Please remember, this blog is a "work in progress" and because of that it doesn't always publish right. I've tried to include what resources I can but I encourage you to do other different combinations of word searches for topics that peak your interest. There are so many links out there coming and going from so many sources around the country that it's impossible for me to stay on top of them all for now. 

8. Remember the "internet" is not a real place. If you use forums found in places like Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, etc...remember to be smart. Don't meet up alone with anyone. Don't take anything personally. If someone's having a rough day and directs that your way that's their problem not yours. 

9. Because what I share is about the next generation looking past "disillusionment" as well as Mormonism's shortcomings and failures in Utah to see Mormonism's greater role in US history and the greater role for the USA in general and what that means for so many benevolent, brave followers (and leaders) of Mormonism, it seemed appropriate to share a youtube link to a performance of "The Battle Hymn of The Republic" by the West Point Band with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (even though it'll probably start with an ad for something else first) because as a group of talented, dedicated, patriotic people, the performance is inspiring in many ways.  


Following are some additional links, resources and facts: 


1) After the 8 year long revolutionary war ended in 1783, the United States of America still faltered countless times in the following decades. Easterly landlocked colonial territories outlined on paper as States could not come together as One Nation. Different military's, militias, brotherhoods, factions, factions within factions, slavery and counterfeit money bred constant chaos. For many periods over those following decades attacks from England, Spain, France, Mexico and the warring Indian tribes they supplied meant the easterly landlocked territories were doomed to be conquered by one nation or another. (Even Russia had a trade presence on the west coast) Year in and year out, every day and every night, every primitive, easterly landlocked, colonial territory's survival was threatened. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)

2) The Nation needed to expand West to save Freedom but the inconsistent military was spread too thin. Some settlers made progress with peaceful Native American tribes yet wagon trains of settlers who dared to venture West were still violently slaughtered by warring Indian tribes. Young, old, no one was spared. Stories of the violent massacres kept many settlers held up in the landlocked territories. Other's fled back to England. Still others came. (1) (2)

3) The guiding hand of a centuries old Scottish Brotherhood can be seen throughout the USA's founding decades. Known founding fathers George Washington (1732-1799), Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), Paul Revere (1735-1818), John Hancock (1736-1793) and others were members of the Brotherhood's different factions within factions spread across the territories. Hidden history reveals so much more about these founding fathers than many know. For example, George Washington still owned 300 slaves upon his death. Paul Revere was a master of metal making, metal engraving, an entrepreneur and his clients included the US Government (1) (2). Dynamic Oligarch, Governor, Inventor and swimmer Benjamin Franklin (3) (4) might one day go down in history as a colonial version of a comic book hero. (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)

4) Faraway on the other side of the globe, during the same time the revolutionary war was going on, England's Captain James Cook, a global explorer and close associate of the Brotherhood, led the discovery of what would become Hawaii. He saw firsthand how polygamy could grow a nation quickly. Word of the native island people and their bounty of ancestral legends, ocean going stories and treasure traveled around the globe and throughout the Brotherhood's ranks on both sides of the Atlantic. Among the native's Cook and his crew were first revered as immortals but about a year later Cook was attacked and killed as an imposter. This did not phase other explorers and visitors. Travel by ship to the islands became so familiar during colonial times that when conquering Hawaiian King Kamehameha passed away his drunken son LihoLiho, who carried the King's title in name only, traded away a substantial portion of the island's treasures for a yacht built by a Salem, Massachusetts family prominent in seafaring, politics and the military (Crowninshield). After the yacht reached the islands in 1820 it was extensively and expensively remodeled under LihoLiho's orders. It suspiciously sank in a Kauai bay less than two years later and LihoLiho suspiciously died on a peculiar, ill fated trip to Great Britain in 1824. (1) (2) (3)

5) In the failing US Territories of the late 1700's and early 1800's, patriotic leaders prayed and planned and searched for ways to save the failed Nation. Guidance was sought. Plans were constantly suggested and evaluated. Different members of the Brotherhood secretly suggested laying the foundation for a massive religious following built by polygamy to successfully pave the way West so the failed Nation could expand and be saved.

6) Mormon history claims the boy Joseph Smith had a unique spiritual experience yet during this critical time, at least 16 stories of different people having very similar experiences also popped up around the territories. They all failed to created a great following (1) (2). One of the men, named Solomon Chamberlain would have a daughter who would eventually marry one of Nathan Harris' sons. Nathan Harris is the father of Martin Harris and great-great-great grandfather of Mormon leader Dallin Harris Oaks. Most followers of Mormonism only know Oaks as Dallin H. Oaks. (See Item 39 for more). 

7) During the 34 years spanning 1787-1821, the US's first 24 easterly landlocked states were formed on paper. However, 61% of these states were formed during the first 16 years of that period. For the last 18 years of that period, the pace of forming states had come to a violent halt with only 7 being formed. The chaotic territory known on paper as the USA was on the doorstep of imminent failure and what would become a quarter century blight where only two more states would be formed on paper. (1821-1845) (1)

That 1821-1845 time period coincidentally also covers 99.9% of the time that the published, foundational beginnings of Mormonism occurred. 1820 is the published year of Joseph Smith's First Vision. 1847 is the published year Brigham Young strategically ordered his west coast bound following to suddenly stop in Mexico Territory at an enormous salt filled lake smack dab in the center of the American continent's untamed West. Even though it was in Mexico Territory at the time, the location of this Great Salt Lake was perfectly centralized in the continent's West and could serve as the doorstep to how the West could be won. Over the next 20 years after Brigham Young's arrival an estimated 60,000-70,000 faithful pioneers would follow. Many were followers of Mormonism. Many practiced polygamy. Many would be sent in all direction of the West to faithfully colonize strategic territories and pave the way for the Nation's armies (1).

8) For nearly 195 years, Mormonism has surreptitiously weaved historical claims about a man named Martin Harris (1783-1875). Mormonism claims Harris was a humble farmer who's greedy wife left him after he mortgaged their family farm to faithfully pay today's equivalent of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the first publishing of the boy Joseph Smith's "The Book of Mormon" and that shortly after that economic failure and other critical founding roles Harris lost faith in Mormonism but later rejoined Mormonism in Utah at the very end of his 92 year long life. (1) (2) Hidden history reveals that these claims about Harris ARE EXACTLY HOW HE WANTED IT. The purveyors of Mormonism go to great lengths to perpetuate these myths about Harris even today. If you don't accept the boy "Joseph Smith" as a child prophet who grew into a man prophet, Harris' purveyors of Mormonism want you to hate Joseph Smith as an impossible genius-con artist-pedophile so you fail to see the truth of who Harris really was and what Harris really did.

9) "History is written by the victor" and the past two centuries demonstrate that Martin Harris definitely was the victor. This is because in reality Harris' first wife  Lucy was actually his child cousin. Yes she was a child. Yes she was his first cousin. She was 15 and he was 25 when he forced her to marry him. Yet within Mormonism story after story leaves this critical detail out and often paints Lucy as a bitter, temperamental, greedy, ungrateful wife. Additionally for one reason or another Lucy became partially deaf over the next 20 years (probably from Martin abusively screaming at her.) There is also at least one report that in addition to sexually abusing this child he was married to Harris also physically abused her by beating her with the handle of a whip. This is an indication of Harris' proclivity to control children. Harris fathered 6 surviving children through Lucy's nubile womb. 28 years later and after being physically separated from Harris for years, Lucy suspiciously died at the age of 42. Within weeks of her suspicious death and now no longer officially married, 52 year old Harris married 21 year old Caroline Young. A niece of Brigham Young. He fathered 7 children through here nubile womb. This number of 13 surviving children is critical as it relates to Mormonism today. 

10) Like the Crowninshield's and other influential families throughout critical parts of the chaotic New England territories, The Harris family was also wealthy, well connected and zealously patriotic. With his father Nathan Harris, and his brothers (Emer and Preserved) Martin controlled hundreds of productive acres in the Palmyra, New York region with complex operations producing a river of revenue from livestock and linen. Martin Harris' father Nathan Harris and mother Rhoda Lapham Harris originally moved the Harris family to the Palmyra, New York area in 1796, 20 years before the poverty stricken Smith's would arrive practically on Harris' doorstep. (1) (For the Sum of $3000 By Susan Easton Black)

The white linen Martin produced was so exceptional that he won several awards for it. Since Mormonism's beginning days, the wearing of multiple layers of white clothing has been expected of followers. For decades manufacturing this clothing and selling it to followers has been a secret, multi-million dollar industry for Mormonism. The white clothing includes under garments for daily wear by males and females as well as outer garments for wear in private ceremonies. (For the Sum of $3000 By Susan Easton Black)

11) Harris was a zealous patriot. At 29 years old, four years after forcing his child cousin to marry him, he began regularly leaving his life of power, wealth and marriage as a Harris to regularly fight during the 3 years of The War of 1812 ( which was more like The War of 1812-1815.) Harris was recognized as a leader and an honored war veteran at war's end. As an honored war veteran, is it safe to suggest that he became familiar with killing in the name of patriotism as wars require of brave men and women (1) ?

12) Harris was a convincing story teller. He once got people to donate money for what he claimed would be used to support the Christian Greeks fighting the Turks. He also claimed Jesus appeared to him in the form of a deer and walked with him for a couple miles. He also claimed an incident regarding a flickering candle was the work of the devil. (1) (2)

13) After the War of 1812, the well respected, wealthy, influential, honored, 33 year old Martin Harris was nominated to be Road Overseer in the Palmyra region. A position he controlled for the next 7 years. This included the 7 years it took to finally construct New England's Erie Canal.

14) The dynamic Harris was an influential supporter of the Erie Canal and it's possible route. Harris made sure the route passed by he and his father's lands. This would allow them to sell their livestock, linen and other goods to the eastern territories and in other markets far and wide. Upon the Erie Canal's completion, not only did this create an endless river of income for them to finance key components of Mormonism with, it also allowed them to bring countless numbers of immigrants inland from the Port of New York to Palmyra on their empty barges. This provided a grateful but nearly captive audience for The Book of Mormon. The Erie Canal would go on to be used by many to finance business and patriotic endeavors in the failed Nation that would become critical to it's survival (1)

As far as New York City goes, prior to the Erie Canal's completion New York was way down on the list of territorial ports. Historical economist's acknowledge that the Erie Canal made New York the leading port and global economic powerhouse that it has been for nearly two centuries by opening up the entire New England region for efficient trade. Another Harris contemporary, Samuel L. Mitchell had many government connections and was also a proponent of the Erie Canal. To this day, published Mormon history acts as if the Erie Canal doesn't exist.

15) The boy Joseph Smith Jr. was born December 23, 1805. The poverty stricken Smith family relocated 8 times in the chaotic, primitive New England area during Joseph's Smith Jr.'s first 10 years. If they were in Europe they may have been referred to as "gypsys". With Great Britain's latest attack and eventual retreat underway after the War of 1812, the Smith family with it's many sons of working age moved to Palmyra in 1816 in search of work on the controversial, to be built Eerie Canal. 

16) During these colonial decades, almost 1 in 5 children did not survive their first year. The Smith family was no exception. Although some children are not listed here in 1816 the living and to-be-born members of Smith family included Joseph Smith Sr. (father, 45, d. 1840), Lucy Mack Smith (Mother, 41, d. 1856), Alvin Smith (son, 18, d. 1823), Hyrum Smith (son, 16, d. 1844), Sophronia (daughter, 13, d. 1876), Joseph Smith Jr. (son, 10, d. 1844), Samuel Smith (son, 8 d. 1844), William Smith (son, 5, d. 1894), Katherine Smith (daughter, 3, d. 1900), Don Carlos (son, newborn, d. 1841). Lucy Smith would be born 5 years later, d. 1882). Shortly after arriving in the Palmyra region, the poverty stricken, uneducated Smith family took over a primitive cabin less than 1 mile from Harris's lands that bordered the future route of Eerie Canal. This was the Smith family's 8th move in Joseph Smith Jr.'s 10 years. After moving so many times, they absolutely moved here to gain work on the Eerie Canal. This move would be the families last. Mother Lucy Smith would bury all but one Smith male during the first 25 years of Mormonism's beginnings. (1)

17) Harris was 22 years older than Joseph Smith. As a well known, wealthy local and Road Overseer who regularly hired local boys and men to work on his own lands, Harris met the Smith family with it's many sons around 1816 when Smith's moved to Palmyra. Harris did not live within 1 mile of the Smith family for 8 or 10 years before meeting them as Mormon history weaves. Harris likely learned of the arrival of the Smith family within days of their arrival to Palmyra through longtime Palmyra residents including the resident who owned the tiny primitive cabin the large Smith family moved into. (For the Sum of $3000 By Susan Easton Black, map, page 6)

18) Within published Mormonism there are also conflicting accounts spanning three violent chaotic colonial years when Martin Harris met Joseph Smith. Some accounts claim it was 1824, some claim it was 1827. This would have been when Joseph Smith was 18...or 21. Another ignored, critical discrepancy. (1) (2)

19) In the early 1800, as years of chaotic uncertainty unfolded, for one reason or another Harris appropriated the Brotherhood's patriotic goals for the Nation for himself. Among other things he knew of the other religious experiences told by others around the territories. (Harris would eventually become related by marriage to one of the story tellers). Harris saw that a young mans voice was needed for a following to catch on. For that, the powerful Harris chose a young many to be a voice of his own. This voice was that of 18 year old Alvin Smith. However, as Harris laid the ground work for his patriotic cause over the next 4 years, headstrong Alvin resisted. Because Hyrum was also older than 18 after those 4 years and like Alvin would have been privy to some of the Brotherhood's publishing's and ceremonies that Harris borrowed (or stole) from, Harris skipped choosing Hyrum as a potential "voice" and chose Joseph, the dynamic, naïve, uneducated, friendly, 14 year old boy who walked with a limp. This is now the year 1820 and is when the boy Joseph's published stories begin. 4 years later though, Alvin was engaged to be married and saw potential for the Smith's without their dependence on the Harris' for work. He began to interfere with the powerful Harris' grooming and temptations of the impressionable Joseph. With the fate of the Nation at stake and no more time to find another voice amid Joseph's waiverings growing ever more critical as he too approached the age of 18, the wealthy, zealous, altruistic, powerful, patriotic Harris ordered Alvin's murder . It was just four and a half weeks before Joseph's 18th birthday. After Alvin's death, Harris used threats towards other Smith family members to ensure Joseph would not waiver. Fearing for the rest of his family and now 3 year old little Lucy, and with no "911" to call and no one else to come to their aid, 17 year old Joseph and the rest of the Smith family would become Harris' emotional hostages for the next two decades. Just like Harris had done with his child cousin who he forced to marry him, Harris had gained control of the boy Joseph and the Smiths.

20) The powerful Harris, his father and their faction, continued freely catalyzing Mormonism and The Book of Mormon from the Brotherhood's materials. They also used materials from willing authors and forced authors. This included six publications published up to twenty-six years before The Book of Mormon. In their zeal, with their power, influence and use of violence they were also able to greatly reduce the prominence of the publications they borrowed (or stole) from. 

Contributing to this is the prevalence of publishing by 1830. This included tens of thousands of substantial publications that had already been printed including "Gullivers Travels", "Candide" and "Robinson Crusoe" and "The Leather Stocking Tales" including "The Last of the Mohicans" by James Fenimore Cooper a contemporary of Harris' associate Luther Bradish. 

The six known publications the Book of Mormon bears similarities to are:

Publication 1) The Late War (1816)

Publication 2) A Classical Dictionary. This publication was revised by different contributors which was common for the time. Although Charles Anthon's publication states "1848", the publication existed long before that. There are different resources that outline the similarities. This is one. 

Publication 3) The First Book of Napolean (1809). Author's names of this publication include Michael Linning aka Eliakim The Scribe aka Modeste Gruau which are all likely the same person as psuedonyms were common in those days. Even Benjamin Franklin used several psuedonyms for his writings. Linning was also the Scribe to the Queen of Scotland. 

Publication 4) Manuscript Found: Conneault Creek also known as the Oberlin Manuscript or the Honolulu ManuscriptTranscript

Publication 5) A View of the Hebrews (1823) 

Publication 6) The History of Freemasonry and the Grand Lodge of Scotland (1804). Note that revisions suggest later dates but 1804 is listed in the preface). Among other things, I discovered that this publication mentions "three knocks with a mallet" and "metal plates with engravings placed in a cavity" several times. Perhaps most critical, it also has 4 UNNUMBERED pages of characters similar to "reformed Egpytian" these pages are hidden between pages 424 and 425. Note that within Mormon history what was claimed as "reformed Egyptian" is also similar to this

21) Mormonism's publishings indicate "The Book of Mormon" was originally a 30-60 pound heavy stack of gold plates discovered in a sealed box under a boulder and that the box also included a sword (The Sword of Laban), a spherical compass (The Liahona) and a breast plate with a pair of primitive glasses attached to it the "Urim and Thummim". Mormon history claims that most-of-the-time translation of the engraved writings on the plates occurred by Joseph Smith wearing the Urim and Thummim while sitting near the metal plates and vocalizing the words that came to him. If he didn't want to use the Urim and Thummim, he could also use a black stone he had been led to by placing the stone in a hat and vocalizing the words that appeared on it. If he didn't want to use the black stone, he could use a white stone he already had. (1). A scribe who was either his first wife Emma, Martin Harris, David Whitmer or Oliver Cowdery would sit on the other side of a curtain and write down what they heard Joseph say. (2)

22) Harris' reputation for being wealthy was well known enough that in 1833 he was sued and jailed for $1000 (what some would say is today's economic equivalent of $500,000) by a young woman for publicly saying she had a "bastard child". In that day women couldn't sue a man alone so the lawsuit was brought by a male friend of the woman. Harris posted bail and left. The suit was quietly dismissed under the claim that the woman was already "scandalous" prior to her claims against the well known Harris. (Link available by download through google search "the imprisonment of Martin Harris"). There's also stories of Martin Harris conspicuously buying Joseph Smith expensive suits in public. 

23) During the following years under Harris control, naive Joseph resisted at times. Joseph tried to break free at times. Joseph sought funding for his own militia. Joseph spoke in code to his militia.   As a victim, out of survival or as an eventual participant, Joseph absolutely made mistakes.

24) A city was built around Mormonism. Harris and his endless river of cash and connections from the Eerie Canal was never far away. Day by day Harris' barges on the Eerie Canal sent one fortune of goods after another to the eastern territories. At the port of New York, the empty barges were loaded with immigrants grateful to have some place inland to go. Stories of the American Bible gave them something to believe in. For one reason or another, many of these early male, female and child immigrants were from Scotland...

25) Harris and his faction forced Joseph to claim that 24 different angels appeared to Joseph including Adam, Moses, Noah and other biblical characters.

26) Harris' self-fulfilling prophecy involving patriotically well-connected aristocrats Charles Anthon, Luther Bradish and Samuel L. Mitchell. Note that Bradish had political connections and was also a literary agent of profound, well educated early American author James Fenimore Cooper. Cooper is the author of "The Leatherstocking Tales", "The Last of the Mohicans" and other known titles. Cooper was also a midshipman in the US Navy who was very familiar with the working of ocean vessels (there are several "ocean going" tales in the Book of Mormon). Like Benjamin Franklin, Cooper was also known for his intellect and occasionally mischievous creativity. (1) "The Book of Mormon" contains ocean going stories (2) (3). Like Harris, Bradish also fought in the "War of 1812". Mitchell also had many government connections. These are just a few of the critical circles of influence needed to catalyze something like "The Book of Mormon" and Mormonism and to see it through to fruition while minimizing and eliminating obstacles along the way. These are the kind of critical circles of influence that a naive, uneducated, poor, handicapped gypsy boy from a new-to-the-neighborhood family just did not have.

27) In 1844, with thousands of immigrant and American born followers spread across many New England territories and elsewhere, Harris secretly ordered Joseph to began preparations to lead Mormonism's followers from Nauvoo into the West to save the failed USA. Instead, the naive Joseph believed he could save the failed USA by becoming President of the USA himself. Believing he was finally too powerful for Harris to kill him, Joseph publicly announced his campaign for President of the USA. With no time to spare, the zealous, patriotic Harris immediately ordered the murder of Joseph Smith and two of his three remaining brothers. Within weeks of Joseph's presidential announcement Joseph and his older brother Hyrum were arrested and killed within days (June 27, 1844). With thousands of followers, his own militia and the bounties of an entire growing city at his fingertips, Joseph allowed himself to be arrested believing that he and Harris would reconcile. After Joseph and Hyrum's murder however, in an insidious taunt to other less heinous factions who's attempts failed to gain a following and to remove all obstacles at seeing his own faction's plans through, Harris ordered the murder of younger brother Samuel Smith 33 days later (July 30, 1844). The number 33 is significant within the Brotherhood. For one reason or another Harris spared the Smith females (Mother Lucy Mack, daughter's Sophronia, Katherine, Lucy) and the youngest living Smith son at the time William. In all, 6 Smith male family members including Alvin (murder), Joseph Smith Sr. (suspicious), Don Carlos (illness), Hyrum (murder), Joseph (murder) and Samuel (murder) died during the Lord's careful Restoration of the Gospel.

28) After Joseph's unbelievable, tragic and violent murder Mormonism split into multiple groups with several different leaders emerging. Some believed in polygamy some didn't. 1) Brigham eventually led the majority into the West. 2) Joseph's family and first wife Emma stayed in Nauvoo. 3) Other followers went to Philadelphia. 4) Others went on a ship to sail to the continent's west coast with Samuel Brannan (who pulled a page from Benjamin Franklin's book of propaganda and sensationalism and started the gold rush of 1849 by publishing reports of gold in the area in eastern markets. Brannan is recognized by many as the west coast's first millionaire although not from "gold". Like many others in Mormonism's founding days publishings indicate Brannan was also eventually exiled from Mormonism). 5) Other's followed James Strange (Strange was Harris' back up plan in case Brigham was killed or failed. Strange led a following to northern territories on the Great Lakes. Harris was never far away from Strange. Strange eventually also produced "writings" from plates he claimed he was led to. (Harris is noted within Mormon history as being responsible for "losing" 116 pages of writings Joseph produced). Strange was murdered 9 years after Brigham Young stopped his following at a strategic location in Mexico territory that would eventually become "Salt Lake City, Utah". 

29) During this period other people would mysteriously die or disappear. Harris was never far away. Harris was well aware of where Strange was (Search Wikipedia "William Morgan (anti-mason")

30) Within two years of Mormonism conquering the West, the easterly landlocked USA started forming more states on paper again. This ended the quarter century blight of no measurable expansion that began shortly before Mormonism's founding days. (1) 

31) When it came time for Brigham Young to commission a statue to commemorate Mormonism's settling of Salt Lake City and to be placed at the entrance to his expansive Utah Territory property instead of choosing an angel Moroni, a figure of Joseph, or anything related to Mormonism he chose an eagle on top of a 5-pointed star. This statue commemorating the "gate for the Eagle" became known as "The Eagles Gate". These symbols acknowledged the conquering of the American continent's West by Freemasonry under the banner of the USA. Although the Eagle has always been highly visible, the "Star" is seldom mentioned publicly but is clearly visible in person and in many images. This Star is also used throughout Mormonism's early ecclesiastical buildings. Note that in the 1970's some groups with nefarious purposes adopted the 5-pointed star ("pentagram") as a purported satanic symbol however among different uses related to the USA, it had been used for over a century to also represent the rising Eastern Star.

32) Between his 15 year old child cousin bride Lucy Hill and his mysterious bride Caroline (29 years his junior), Martin Harris fathered 13 living children through the two female's nubile wombs. Up until 2020, there were 13 secret corporations set up to control more than $100 billion dollars.

33) Images of Martin Harris in his later years (1870) show him holding a staff with a serpent's head. 116 years before, Benjamin Franklin used a serpent as patriotic imagery (1754).

34) Although images of just about everyone else in Mormonism's founding days exist, Mormonism maintains that no images of Joseph Smith exist. Instead, they elect to use handsome cartoon renderings of Joseph Smith that generate millions of dollars in revenue every year. This is while Mormonism also ignores reports of at least one photograph and forensic science that indicates a less sensationalized image of Joseph Smith. Naturally, this image also demonstrates more family semblance with Alvin Smith than the cartoon images do.

35) Of all figures in Mormonism's beginnings the grave marker of the forgotten Martin Harris is by far the most substantial. Joseph Smith doesn't even have his own marker. His marker is shared with his brother Hyrum and his first wife Emma (even though Emma married a non-Mormon 2.5 years after Joseph's murder on the same date as Joseph's birthday, December 23rd. Mormonism goes to great lengths to hide Emma's marriage to a non-mormon after Joseph's murder especially with the critical role of Emma that has been weaved throughout Mormonism and the translation.

36) Polygamy openly continued for over 60 years before being renounced so Utah could officially become a State. Polygamy continued privately for decades and continues still in many ways due to Mormonism maintaining spiritual polygamy.

37) Mormon history claims that 24 familiar, biblical angels visited Joseph Smith yet in 1932 Mormonism openly endorsed Adolf Hitler and Mormonism openly practiced racism until 1978.

38) Mormonism has "chapels" and "temples". Chapels are typically open to the public for Sunday services and are also where other weekly gatherings are held. Temples are for private ceremonies where victims of Mormonism are invited to make additional promises to Mormonism. These promises may eventually include marriage as well as a commitment to spiritual polygamy. During these ceremonies, a person is given a "spiritual name". This is referred to as their "new name". While it is customary for wives to tell their husbands their new name, males are instructed to keep their own new name a secret. Although many people may attend any of several ceremonies a day, it is taught that that new names are unique for each person. In reality the new names follow a predetermined schedule. On any given day all males and all females receive the same male or female name for that day. This list of names can be found here. This continues to bring even more confusion because it seems that around 2018 Mormonism started privately teaching the younger generation of temple attendees about this list while still asking them to keep it secret. (1) (2)

39) Nepotistic connections through blood or marriage existed throughout Mormonism's peculiar beginnings with the 3 witnesses and the 8 witnesses. (Although these familial connections were likely by Harris' assignment.) Since then, many of Mormonism's leaders have been extended members of the same multi-generational family, even members of the First Presidency and Quorum of the 12 (1) (2) (3). Today, one of Mormonism's top 3 most critical leaders and member of the First Presidency, Dallin Harris Oaks is a direct decedent of the Harris family. Note that one of Nathan Harris' other sons (Emer Harris) polygamously married Polly Chamberlain, a daughter of Solomon Chamberlain who was one of the 16 documented people who shared "First Vision" type storys years before the boy Joseph Smith would begin telling a similar story under Martin Harris' control (see Item 6 above). Note that current member of the First Presidency Dallin H. Oaks was also one of the 5 judges on the Utah Supreme Court in the 1980's. As a member of the Utah Supreme Court it seems he could have done something about Utah's black market imposter legal system I reveal at www.UtahLawFraud.com. He however is not the only high ranking LDS official associated with Utah law during this critical time. The late James E. Faust was a former Utah attorney and member of the Quorum of the 12 as well. It's important to note however that any of these Utah attorneys/judges turned LDS leaders may have been insulated from the extent of fraud in Utah's broken legal system and may not have been aware of the extent it would grow to. Note that Faust also has a son who is currently one of the most senior (and most controversial) judges in Utah. Note that in Utah judges are also appointed by the governor (not elected) and for decades all of Utah's governors have been public followers of Mormonism.

40) Note that of the "3 Witnesses" Martin Harris was one. One was also a Whitmer. Of the "8 Witnesses" 4 of them were Whitmers too. Hyrum Page of the 8 Witnesses was married to a Whitmer. Joseph Smith's father and two brothers make up the rest of the 8 Witnesses. Almost all of the 4 and 8 witnesses eventually left Mormonism but out of fear of retribution from Harris' zealous faction they never recanted their stories or roles in Mormonism.

41) Today Mormonism is a nepotistic $200 Billion tax-free corporation masquerading as a "religion". (1) (2) It owns influential roles in companies you know and use everyday. $100 Billion of that ill-gotten wealth places Mormonism among the top 5 of the largest cash reserves in the USA. Additional billions are held in real estate development (3) (4), media control (THE NBC TV NETWORK IN UTAH), the USA's largest cattle producer, the USA's largest nut producer, Universities in Utah, Idaho and Hawaii (BYU) and billions of dollars more in tax free capital raising buildings disguised as chapels, temples and other "ecclesiastical" buildings. 

42) Even though Mormonism continues to have lie after lie revealed about it, secret parts of it maintain nepotistically led, cultural control over the State of Utah and it's political, legal, municipal, educational and media offices as well as it's global force of tens of thousands of "volunteer" victimized teenagers who may be at great risk as more and more radicalized groups around the world begin to recognize Mormonism as a billion dollar corporation rather than a religion. 

43) Additional insight into the collective imagination of Mormonism's cultural conditioning. 

44) Here's the beginnings of another work in progress about all this I've titled "The Men Who Visit". (Just a way of exploring things from the eyes of the victim and child, Joseph Smith Jr.) 

45) This link or LegoMormon.com is to a youtube video providing a glance at Mormonism today. (Don't get your hopes up, it's pretty basic). 


If some of these links don't work, try my archived, working notes of this post found here or here

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