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We all know that a search for real estate on your own can be rewarding...or painful. If you value time and comprehensive real world insight just call and tell me your needs. I'm happy to chat. I promise I won't ask for any commitment from you. Just good, productive real estate talk about whatever segment your considering. 

Telling You About Me.

In 1996 at the age of 19 I talked my way into a river guiding job on the Nenana River in Denali, Alaska. The owner said he hired me because even though I had no experience there, he thought I was ambitious enough to get a lifetime of experience in the two months before the season opened. He also liked that I was talented but still coachable. By the time the season opened I was his best guide and did more trips that season than any other guide. It was the perfect summer job for a 19 year old outdoor pro from Utah. Also being a big-time number nerd regarding just about any statistic, a Utah real estate license came my way at the age of 22. After that, unique commercial and residential real estate opportunities followed as my spirit animal (aka the "data hound") was unleashed. 


The term "Dap" was derived during a critical part of the USA's history. Some claim it stands for "Dignity and Pride". It is often represented as a well choreographed, well practiced celebration (usually during a sports championship). To me, in it's most basic form, it is just a simple "fist bump" representing acknowledgement, acceptance, ability and personal growth. 


As we evaluate, identify, accomplish and maybe even hike, slide, hop, wiggle and jump towards your Utah real estate goals I'm looking forward to sharing lots of "Utah Daps" with you along the way. 


Because of my unique real estate experience involving commercial and residential transactions with clients of different ages and at different stages in their own real estate journeys, I discovered loopholes in Utah's outdated real estate laws. That led to more loopholes being discovered as they relate to other things. Together these 11 loopholes secretly let hundreds of certain types of crooked lawyers steal fortunes of homeowner equity from victims they target and cleverly groom to be their own "clients".  Not all attorneys are like this but the few hundred that are stack up one ill-gotten fortune after another for themselves. There are thousands of victims of all ages every year. All victims are left devastated.  

Sharing this here is my small way of keeping this critical conversation going. 



Generations of certain cultural habits can lead to self-destructive behaviors.

Utah is not 100% immune. Because of this, certain Utah communities host some of the roughest statistics in the USA.

Sharing this here is my small way of keeping this critical conversation going. 


Followers of Utah's Mormonism are giving, brave, strong, hard working, people. Prior to the build-out of the internet and the access to multi-regional information that anyone anywhere has now, there was only one source of information about Utah's Mormonism. Today there are vast differences from colonial Mormonism and what Mormonism claims about it's colonial roots. 


Up until recent years, it was traditionally accepted that everyone in Utah was "a Mormon". Today however less than half of Utah's population of 3.2 million are associated with Mormonism in any regular way. In mountain resort-centric regions and even Salt Lake City itself that percentage is substantially less than half. In other more traditional rural Utah communities that percentage might be substantially higher. Overall, those percentages continue to shrink for many reasons. Part of this dynamic trend is because today, critical information about Utah's Mormonisim comes from many vetted sources via the internet, not just one. In many cases these multi-regional, multi-generational sources don't always correlate with the other narrative. For many followers this has caused confusion between generations. These followers also don't always have a way to openly explore what they discover. This contributes to some rough statistics for certain parts of Utah.

 Whether you are a Utah business owner or full-time, part-time or seasonal resident, as a "Utahan" you are going to employ, work for, associate with, befriend and depend on your Utah neighbors for  critical things. Some of your neighbors may be followers or former followers of Mormonism silently suffering from confusion and undiagnosed stress about these conflicting sources of information. Keeping the conversation going is critical for relief and growth. 

Openly sharing my research, perspective and contributions here is my small way of keeping this critical conversation going. I'm not a "writer" and I don't have the luxury of a professional editor so if you click on the link please remember that what you will find is a work in progress. 


As a real estate professional who see's Utah's unique and diverse commercial and residential real estate markets up close and personal (and at all elevations) and if you're willing to keep the conversation going about important issues that affect all of Utah's commercial, residential, full-time, part-time and seasonal residents then you should give me a call and tell me what you expect out of your real estate career. 

Remember this journey isn't just a single "post" or a single victory. It is an ongoing conversation where expectation is replaced with exploration and all that that brings. 

This is also what responsible real estate is all about. 

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